History in the Making

History in the Making

 Making Blogging Connections

Everyone starts blogging for different reasons. Some start to be an influencer, some to make money, some to promote a service or a product, and some to update friends and family. I started (and continue) blogging for the community; I love meeting new people across the globe and getting a peek into what they do and how they think! Yes, you can always buy followers or sign up for services that use your account to like and follow other accounts, but I don’t personally understand the draw. Today, I’m going to be sharing my tips and advice on making blogging connections and widening your sphere!
Making Blogging Connections

Meaningful Comments
I’m a big promoter of meaningful comments- on the whole, I only leave comments if I can actually add to the post or discussion happening. “Just stopping by” comments are lovely, too, but leaving comments that show that you are reading and engaging with someone’s post are a much better way to make a strong connection. As a blogger, I’m much more likely to go and look at someone else’s blog when their comment shows that they have actually thought about my post. I’m not suggesting that you write a novella in response to every blog post that you read, but something that shows you connected with the post will go a long way! (On the flipside: there are some bloggers that don’t respond to comments, for whatever reason. If someone is routinely ignoring your comments, I would move on after a point.)
Blogging Comments
Link Up On Social Media
For my regular life, Twitter is dead. None of my “real world” friends use Twitter. However, it is still very much alive for bloggers, and it is a fantastic way to connect! It’s fast and easy, and if you really want longer conversations, you can switch into DMs. However, you also might find people on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat (if you are so inclined, I for some reason can’t get into Snapchat). Connecting with bloggers outside of their actual blog is a great way to cement a connection- it allows for a more open conversation (you aren’t limited to a specific topic), and it can move at whatever pace you want!
Join a Blogging Group
I’ve tried out a few different groups, and I’m currently in a group that I love! It’s not too big, not too small, everyone is incredibly thoughtful and kind, and I love reading everyone’s blogs. Different bloggers are going to look for different things in their blogging groups, so try out a few to see what works for you. I personally don’t love groups with thousands of people, I find that you get lost in the shuffle easily and it’s difficult to connect with people. However, some people love that when you have a popular post in a group like that, you have an audience of 20,000 to read and share. My biggest tip here: when you take part in a blogging group, commit! Don’t leave your links but not return the favour; you will probably be removed and you won’t do yourself any favours.

dog-park-high-five.jpg.jpgDogs are always nice; be like dogs.

Being a Decent Person
Yes, I have to actually spell this out. I’ve dealt with a few bloggers who are only in it for themselves, and once you learn to spot them, it’s easy to keep your distance. There are a lot of bloggers who think they are the next College Prepster or Cupcakes and Cashmere. Realistically, most of us aren’t going to be, and in any case, being a jerk isn’t going to get you there. It took about the first 18 months of blogging for me to realise it, but it bears repeating- be a good person.
Dud-Ends for Me
Female Blogger Retweet Accounts– These are accounts that you tweet your blog posts at to have them retweeted. I know that a lot of people use the female blogger retweet methods on Twitter, but I found that it just flooded my feed with nine billion random blog retweets, and it’s hit and miss for driving traffic. I also hate seeing someone’s twitter profile full of tweets at retweet accounts- why bother spending your time with someone who only engages with someone who is only in it for self-promotion?
Weekend Coffee Share– Weekend Coffee Share is a link up post where you share what’s happening in your life. While I loved reading Weekend Coffee Share from the blogs that I was already reading, I didn’t find too many new blogs that way. It’s nice to have a “chat” with someone you are familiar with, less so with a blogger that you have never read. I’d be curious to know if anyone has made new connections solely through WCS!
Bloggers, how are you making connections in the blogging world? I would like to add more tips to this post, so please leave a comment if you have any advice!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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0 thoughts on “ Making Blogging Connections”

  • I enjoy reading other blogs as it helps me to understand people. I am a student of people and how we interconnect by blog or in person. I am new to blogging and I want to try blogging groups. Any suggestions as to where to start?

    • My best recommendation is to post your niche + bloggers in on Facebook to find groups! You can also search things like “new bloggers” to find groups. As long as you take everything with a grain of salt, you can learn a lot!

  • Is it weird that can tell when people are full of shit, and haven’t actually read the post they are commenting on? I too started blogging for community and real connections. I’ve met some blogging friends while traveling, and it’s nice to hear their voice as I read their words. If my comments become rambles, I make it a post and tag the person who started the conversation. I ‘like’ posts because I want to remember to talk to the person who wrote it (like now, hi.)
    I also leave my name if it’s my first chat with someone.
    I like weekendcoffeeshare, it got me back into blogging. But my blogging friends come from elsewhere.
    I also tried SITS for the longest time. They are kinda clique-y. And I’m not into sponsered posts, etc. But to each their own.

    • If it simply says “Great post”, it’s probably not necessary. I appreciate the thought but I can’t really continue any sort of conversation from that ?
      I love the idea of starting a new post from a conversation!! Not only does it give you the space to expand, if one person had thoughts on it, most likely others will, too.
      I have a lot of thoughts on sponsored posts that I won’t get into here but I always avoided SITS for that very reason. Seems like a trap…
      Do you find you read all of the linked Weekend Coffee Share posts?

      • No, I only comment on linkups if the thumbnail photo appeals to me, it that also bad? But I do tend to check in with people who check in with me. The thing with specific day stuff is I only tend to hear from people on that day. Surely, if you’re interested in someone’s blog, people can talk on other days?
        Oh, please go into your thoughts on sponsored posts!

  • I totally agree with you about the ones that don’t work so well! I’ve had a few of those RT accounts follow me on Twitter, but I just feel like the only people who follow them just want their stuff retweeted as well. One of the biggest struggles I have with blogging is that sometimes I worry that everyone just gives (comments, follows, RTs) in order to receive in return. Frustrating, but glad to know what does work for you as well! Thanks for the info!

  • Fav post I’ve read today. I didn’t even know blogging groups existed till just a few months ago and that has helped. I’ve come to read many amazing blogs from there. Your right! Our blog group is amazing! I joined another blog group but removed myself from it bc I didnt feel it lived up to our blog group.

    • Thank you!! I left 3 or 4, only because they were either 25,000+ Or super generic- female bloggers, millennial bloggers, travel, etc. I’m not stuck to one area so they aren’t too helpful!

  • Great post – I found Twitter really helped when I started blogging, especially the hashtag days. I found some awesome blogs that way and have been reading them for years. Leaving comments is another story and definitely something I need to improve on 🙂

    • I’m getting better at commenting on other bloggers’ posts but I need to get better at replying to comments on my posts! I usually respond to several at once, I find it’s a little confusing (depending on what’s going on) to reply here and there. Still, it’s the best way to get to know a blogger!! ?

  • Great post and agree. Especially the part about sharing – it if not relevant to my blog/social media I don’t share it. Like you it is not that I didn’t enjoy the post and even comment. Not sure if this helps but I have found a few blogs on BlogLovin just typing in what I am interested in.

  • Great post. It takes time to appreciate the value of interaction and making connections with blogging. Once you do you realise it’s just as important as post writing.

  • Very good insight and true. No point in saying ‘love it’ and move on. To me that says, I popped it but did not take time to read your post. I prefer to see something that was written to be specifically mentioned and commented on. I only recently joined twitter and this has helped me to connect as I am a food blogger and connect with many new friends. I think I know which group you may refer to, yes this is an awesome way to connect to other bloggers not only those in your particular niche. I have joined instagram which all of a sudden has taken off big time with good resultsand connections for me. Thanks for sharing your views.

  • I think you are the first person I have met who started blogging to make connections. I started blogging to share and write my thoughts and later discovered many awesome connections. I completely agree with your thoughts. Community, comments and giving time to the person online makes a difference.
    WCS is a great blog hop and though I enjoy reading those posts, I can never write for the blog hop. I feel it’s a lot more peak into my world.
    I host two blog hops and that has helped me know more people. I also join blog hops. 🙂

  • Interaction is so important when building your blog following! I don’t have a specific purpose, business wise for my blog, it’s a place for me to be open about my feelings and be creative. To get meaningful comments means the world! Likewise, I will read an awful lot of logs, and will comment when I think I can add to a discussion!

  • This is a FABULOUS post. I agree with every single thing you mentioned! I love how I have connected with bloggers all over the world. That is my #1 positive that has come with blogging.

  • I always have trouble with this. I’m not a very outgoing person. I love to interact with people who have commented on my posts, but I have trouble reaching out to bloggers otherwise. Would you mind telling me how you’ve found the blogging groups you mentioned? It sounds like joining one might be exactly what I need.

    • Of course! I started by trying out general facebook blogging groups (that I typically found via Google), but I personally didn’t love the huge variety of blog types in those groups. I then narrowed my search to actually looking on Facebook- I searched for local blogging groups, niche, age, female, and I finally found the group I’m currently in through another blogger. Some of it is just timing- some groups will close to new members for a period- some is just finding the right terms! I would also reach out to bloggers that you feel comfortable with and ask if they know of any groups! (Mine is closed right now, unfortunately, but I can let you know if it does open up 🙂 ) It was difficult for me at first to share, but once you “get to know” the other bloggers in the group it gets easier!!

  • I recently saw someone on a social media account complaining about others not sharing her stuff. Her thinking was that if she shared their stuff they must return the favor. I can’t get down with that kind of logic. I share only if I’ve read the post and I think it should be shared. I want others to share my stuff for the same reason. Just like you, I want the connection to be meaningful. I’m here to build something that matters, not be a machine.

    • I share posts that I am interested in and I think that a majority of my readers would be interested in- just because I haven’t shared it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it myself!! I don’t share anything I haven’t fully read, and someone once got upset with me for not sharing their posts quickly when I hadn’t had time to properly read them. It’s better to cultivate relationships with other bloggers and your readers than blindly share!!

  • I’ve just followed you everywhere because I saw the links and realized I wasn’t. Since the post is about making connections 🙂 no stalking here, I swear. I connect by always answering to comments, read posts, comment, support and be there for fellow bloggers and consider them as friends, help where I can, being honest and open and finally by having a few blogger pen pals. I love it <3

    • I love the idea of blogger pen pals!! I think that being open and willing to help is so important- this IS a community, and communities support each other ☺ As for stalking, I don’t think it counts when I post my links in my signature haha! I had someone commenting and posting and emailing non stop in the first few months of my blog- what point they were trying to make, I still don’t know. I think supportively following is good for all of us ☺

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