An Introduction to Etiquette and Mrs. Emily Post

Much to my pleasant surprise, my poll from my long weekend post showed me that etiquette is in fact interesting to a lot of people! If I’m being honest, I could probably write a weekly etiquette post but I understand that most people don’t need quite that much etiquette. So, I will be sharing the highlights and big points in key areas of etiquette that we all experience at some point in our lives: day to day life, work/ business, big/ formal events, and travel. Today is an introduction to etiquette in general and where I get my information/ ideas from, mainly Mrs. Emily Post!

An Introductionto Etiquette

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How to Figure Out Your Future…

As many of you regular readers know, this is a tough time for me. I’ve got no idea what my future will be, or even who I am. It’s easy enough to say that it is whatever I want it to be (which I seem to hear so often), but it can’t be what I want it to be. Although it’s incredibly overwhelming, I spend a great deal of time thinking about the future and what it might look like (whether I like it or not)- while thinking about the future freezes me, not having any idea of what it holds also freezes me. This is going to be a very personal post, but one of my blog goals is to stay open with everyone.

How to Figure Out Your Future....

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How to Hygge… Part II

Now that I’ve finished reading The Little Book of Hygge and have had some time to think on it, I’ve found that while it would be incredibly easy to just sink into a hygge fest and only emerge to make my way to work, but I don’t know that that would lead to the happiest Historian. For anyone who isn’t Danish and doesn’t live in a society where this is the norm, I think that throwing yourself fully into hygge as the Danes practice it could end up being isolating and draining at the end of it. I’ve come up with four specific ways to approach and do hygge myself, and make it fit me and my life! These are helpful for anyone looking to bring a little hygge into their life without loosing themselves to it…

How to Hygge...Part II

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How to Take Care of Yourself

Life is incredibly busy for me right- it is our craziest time at work, advising for sorority recruitment takes up a good chunk of my time, and sleep seems to be at a premium. Still, I’ve been trying my hardest to focus on finding the little things and keeping my sanity- it seems that when I’m overloaded and exhausted my mental and physical health take a huge dive (as I’m sure it does for many people). Today’s post is all about taking care of you and making sure you have what you need to stay sane!

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How to Make Friends as an Adult

Although many people prefer to be alone, most people’s lives tend to be happier and fuller with the company of good friends. Some people have a lot of friends, some have a few, but friends really are the chocolate chip in the cookie of life! A lot of us find ourselves all alone, sometimes because we have moved (or someone else has moved), sometimes people have married or broken up or had a kid (or a few), and sometimes life just leads you apart. It can be overwhelming to think about how to make new friends when it seems your life is pretty settled but I promise that there are ways to handle it!

How to Make Friends As an Adult

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How to… Hygge? Part I

I know, I know, I’m about a year later on the whole hygge trend. In the fall of 2016 I saw hygge related things splashed across blogs, Instagram accounts, and bookstores everywhere I looked, but the lack of any actual information as to what it is kept me from paying any attention to it. However, after coming across How To Hygge the British Way, I was intrigued and decided to request The Little Book of Hygge from the library. I am about halfway through and I must say, it’s given me a lot of thoughts!

How to Hygge, Part I

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Living That Tea Life

I think all of us have seen the million memes, instagram posts, and t-shirts with “But coffee first.” While I think we can appreciate the sentiment, there are a whole lot of us who don’t drink coffee. If my option is coffee or water, it’s always water. I’m a tea drinker, through and through from start to finish. The world is becoming more tea friendly as the years pass, but we’ve yet to get our tea shops where you can order any sort of tea concoction to go on our way to work. So, today I’m sharing my favourite teas and tea accessories to hopefully bring tea out into the mainstream!

Living That Tea Life

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6 Ways to Spend Time With a Friend

I think I speak for most of us when I say that friends are wonderful things to have! Sometimes we take them for granted, but they are there for us when we need it, provide endless hours of entertainment and amusement, and are the people who tell us when we are being entirely ridiculous. Today’s post is all about the best ways to pass time with your friends and still try new things- many of us resort to the same old coffee date and/or movie night out when we could be far more creative and active with what we are doing!

6 Ways to Spend Time With Your Friends

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