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Life Tip No. 4- Extra Time

I will admit that people running late is one of my pet peeves; to me it says that I wasn’t worth being on time for. I realise that some things are out of your control, but there are a lot of people who never leave any extra time for anything. I hate to break it to you, but that’s just life! Sometimes you will need to plan for a few extra minutes and that’s just the reality of it!

I believe that life is full of impressions; even if you have met someone a thousand times, you are still making an impression on them. Being late once? That’s life. Being late on a continual basis because of traffic, weather, a broken elevator, a slow barista, or a number of other things? That gives the impression that you don’t know how to manage your time to arrive when you need to.

There are some people that I have known for years that I won’t make plans with based solely on the fact that they are always late, and I don’t need to waste my time. When giving agreeing to give references, punctuality and time management play a huge part and I will often decline to give one if it is clear that you can’t be on time. (Decline to the applicant themselves, do not give a bad recommendation as it may be considered slander in some countries!)

Being on time is a very simple thing that goes a long way to showing the people around you that you are responsible and considerate, and being on time will never send the wrong message! The occasional late arrival happens to all of us, but a pattern indicates a bigger issue.

How do you make sure that you are on time?

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6 thoughts on “Life Tip No. 4- Extra Time”

  • I am totally agree with you as I am a huge fun of punctuality. I do not know what will have to happened to me to be late.

  • I’ve been able to better manage my time by focusing on little details. I ready my coffee pot the night before and use its timer function so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning. If I’m bringing lunch to work I also make it the night before, and if I have time, I’ll make a couple of lunches to bring during the week. I don’t pick out my outfits ahead of time, but that’s another example. Once these habits form it will feel like second nature – the key is just to start them.

    I had a mentor in college who had (still has) the mantra: To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late. And five+ years later I still stick to that.

    • This is exactly it- with just a little bit of planning, everything goes that much smoother!! It doesn’t take anymore time to make your lunch in the evening but it saves you so much time in the morning. Habits are the key to success 😍
      That is going to be my new go-to quote, it sums up perfectly how I feel!! *shout out to all of the early folks*

    • I completely agree- one random traffic jam happens to all of us! Being late every day because of traffic simply means you don’t allow time to get through it. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a few minutes if you are early!!

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