What I Look For In Blogs + How to Leave Effective Comments

I’m not sure why this happens but I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us- I am currently in a spurt of receiving a constant string of “Please check out my blog” comments. On principle I usually don’t check out these blogs, but occasionally I do and… I am left confused. Why did you think that I was going to be interested in your blog about car maintenance? I know the answer, people mass drop links everywhere possible to try and build followers but quite frankly, it is sloppy and alienating. Today I’m sharing what it is that *I* look for in blogs, and a few tips on how to leave effective comments!

How to Comment Effectively

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How to Identify and Fill Wardrobe Holes, Style File Friday

I am a big supporter of having a smaller, quality wardrobe full of things you love to wear rather than a closet full of things a bunch of things you wear occasionally and four items that you wear non-stop. Keeping a concise and loved wardrobe can also help limit excessive purchasing, good for both your wallet and the environment! This is my tried and tested method of keeping my wardrobe balanced, and full of pieces that I love to wear that can be used for any price point or style type!

How to Identify & Fill Wardrobe Holes

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5 Tips for Going Green at Work!

In 2018, sustainability and green living is becoming more important and more prominent in all of our lives- I think that we can all agree that we need to do what we can to help this planet of ours. I find that a lot of tips and advice is geared to going green at home on a personal level, but there is far less out there on what you can do to be more green at the office. This is a handy guide on what you can do as an individual to go green and sustainable at work!

5 Tips for GoingGreen at Work

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State of the Blog: July 2018

I have decided to take a step in blog accountability- I will be doing a “State of the Blog” post twice a year, in July and January! I find it incredibly frustrating when bloggers talk about having growth but don’t give you any tangible numbers to work with. Did you grow by 200%? Does that mean that you grew by several hundred followers, or you added 10 followers when you were starting with 5? And what are you doing to achieve that growth? Do I need to pay to hear anything actually useful? In these updates, I’ll be sharing my percentage of growth, as well as the current number of followers, and what I have been doing for each social network to grow!

State of the Blog, July 2018

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Glamglow- Worth the Splurge?, Style File Friday

If you have ever looked at Sephora’s website, or a beauty related YouTube video, and really even just Instagram, you have probably seen the wonders of GlamGlow touted far and wide- these magical masks and treatments are meant to do wonders, save your skin from impending doom and make you look like a twinkling Disney princess… Or so we are told! Now, if you have ever looked into actually purchasing GlamGlow products, you will realise that they come with a fairly hefty price tag. This is an honest review of two GlamGlow products- the Supermud Clearing Treatment and the Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser in Nude Glow- with my thoughts on whether or not it is actually worth the price tag!

GLAMGLOW_Worth the splurge_

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#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July to Sept 2018

Hi everyone! I know that I normally don’t post on Thursdays, but I interrupt your regularly scheduled break to share exciting (to me) news: my book club is kicking off! A lot of my readers are book readers, and I love discussing books and what I’m reading with all of you. I will get into the specifics below, but the first round is starting now, so it’s time to get reading!

#AnHistorianReads Book Club, July- Sept 2018

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