A Guide to Binging Your Favourite Shows

The world has become fixated on Netflix- Orange is the New BlackHouse of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all become regular fixtures in the year when people hide themselves away and disappear from the world to immediately absorb any new (or old show) that they want to see. Although I am as much of a fan of binging as the next person, I think that there are ways to enjoy the show and stay present in the world around you- you don’t have to disappear into your couch for 24 hours straight! This is my guide on the healthy way to binge your favourite shows…

A Guide to Binging YourFavourite Shows

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How to Model in Blog Photos, Style File Friday

I know that many bloggers are totally cool with being on their blog, but I find it a little weird to be on my own blog. I think that that probably says more about me than anything, but I’m not great at editing photos with people in it, me or otherwise. However, one of my best friends is an amazing photographer and when I saw that she was offering half hour mini sessions, I knew that I had to jump on it. This isn’t a post on how to actually take the photos, but rather how to be the person IN the photos- a skill unto itself!

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5 Castles You Have to Visit, Travel Thursday

Although my travel experience isn’t the widest in the world, I have been fortunate enough to see many of the places and things on my bucket list! I’ve decided to start a new travel series with 5 of my top recommendations in different categories- I can’t promise that I won’t update them as I travel more, but I’m excited to share all of my favourite places with everyone! Today is all about castles- the homes of royalty and other important persons.

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4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Although you will hear the cries of “FALL! LEAVES! APPLES! PUMPKINS! HOCUS POCUS!” on an endless loop for most of fall (at least until November 1), it is easy to find yourself lost in the shuffle and not taking time for yourself. I’m not sure about where you live, but here colds and flus are making the rounds like they get a point for every one of us they drag down. Life is only going to continue to get busier until the New Year for most of us, so now is the time to set some time aside for you! I’m sharing four ways for you to take care of yourself during this busy season…

4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Make It Monday

As my Fall To Do List promised, this is the year that I learn to deal with pumpkins! While I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin tarts (so essentially the same thing in different sizes…), I figured it might be time for me to learn how to actually work with it. Once you know how, you can actually do a lot with pumpkin but I always found  it a little overwhelming. My only work with pumpkins is pumpkin carving 15 years ago when cutting into it felt like a Herculean task- so, cooking with pumpkin as an adult, here I come!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Christmas Prep: Craft Sales 

I know that a lot of us think of online shopping and Amazon and malls and outlet centres when we think of holiday shopping, but there are still other alternatives to getting your holiday shopping done. While I plan on making some of my gifts myself (DIY posts to come), there are somethings that I’m just not talented enough to make myself. Enter: the craft sale. I will admit to being that person who thinks that they are for moms and grandmas, but I am eating my words (and thoughts I suppose)! Today I’m sharing my craft sale experience and tips…

ChristmasCraft Sales

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A Guide to Caring for Your Winter Clothing, Style File Friday

I know that everyone’s weather is different (I know science…) but it is getting colder and colder here now- sadly no snow yet, but we’ve had a good 10°C drop in weather overall. The wind blows right through you, your cheeks get that pink tinge, and just hoping that you can run straight from the bus or your car inside isn’t enough anymore. If you live anywhere with any decently cold weather, you will have an entire wardrobe of clothing to wear for it, and that clothing requires specific care. This is a quick guide to caring for your winter clothing!

A Guide toCaring for YourWinter Clothes

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Travel vs. Home

Instagram, Pinterest, and every other social network likes to make us think that everyone is constantly travelling the world and adding stamps to their passport on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I’ve checked several boxes on my to-see travel list, but I do have many to go! This post was inspired by a chat with Katie, and got me to thinking about travel and the role that it plays in my own life. There are beautiful things about travel and about being home, and I think that both need some celebration!

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Enough with the Millenial Hate

For some reason, hating millenials seems to be a bizarrely popular past time with literally every other generation taking their shots at us, and even some of us at ourselves. I don’t know if this is just the extreme version of “if I put down someone else, I’ll feel better about myself” or if people really believe that it’s a great hobby, but it’s a little tired at this point. I know that 98% of people who read this will immediately think “this stupid spoiled millenial” or “she’s just out of touch”, but this is really getting redundant- the horse is dead, move on!

Enough with theMillenial Hate

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Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians (and anyone else who wishes to celebrate)! Although a lot of the world thinks that Canada and the US do everything together, our Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, instead of the fourth Thursday of November, and that is today!! Time to enjoy a cornucopia of different foods and sink into a food coma that is worthy of the longest nap possible. I thought I would share what exactly we have for Thanksgiving dinner, as there is a wide variety in what people actually have!

Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

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