History in the Making

History in the Making




Hello!  I am the Historian, and welcome to An Historian About Town! I started this blog in January 2015 after completing my MA in Early Irish History at University College Dublin and moving back to Winnipeg; I wanted to create a space for those of us who have finished our education (for now?) and are just starting out in life. I don’t have all of the answers but I hope I can help you make your own history!

Things you will encounter here…
Style– Wholly versed in fashion and barely versed in beauty, Style File Friday is the home of my styling and shopping tips, favourite items and products, sustainable options, style icons, and more!
Ballet and Arts– Trained in classical ballet for all of my life, you can find reviews of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet productions (as well as ballet books, documentaries, and events), local and far flung museum and historical site visits, as well as cultural festivals and events!
Travel– While living in Dublin for a year, I caught the travel bug- you can find my memories and recommendations from all of the places that I have visited!
Books– I typically read 60+ books a year, and am happy to share recommendations- anything from history to fiction to biography to humour will pop up, as well as my monthly Book and Beverage post!
DIY– I’m a dedicated baker, and I’m pretty handy at making things. Make It Monday (not every week) is the home of recipes and DIYs I’ve tried out!
Life– The whole point of this- all of the “other” stuff that seems to fill our time, including Weekend with a Westie on Saturdays (featuring @AgnestheLittleWestie), career advice and tips, entertainment recommendations, and anything else that strikes my fancy!

If you are interested in writing a guest post on one of my regular topics, please send an email to anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com to discuss and include a link to your favourite blog post of your own and what you would propose! 

If you are a brand or company interested in working with me, please send an email to anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com including the specifics of the proposed post/campaign and why you feel that An Historian About Town would be a good fit for your brand and product!

I currently do not receive any monetary compensation for this blog; any links are simply to the product itself (or a close item) if you are interested in it for yourself! It will be clearly marked if affiliate links or sponsored items are included in the future. If you would like to use one of my photographs or any of my writing, please contact me to discuss.

Any other comments or questions can be sent to anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com! And you can find me on the internet at:

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Until tomorrow,
The Historian

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