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Hello and welcome to An Historian About Town!

After completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees in history, I’ve settled into a quiet but refined life full of the things I love. I am the person who has taken etiquette classes, and the person who will do hours and hours of research on the history of wool coats before buying my own, and the person who will try six different sugar cookie recipes to find the perfect one. My love of history and culture influences everything I do, and I love to share that! 

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I believe that history is fascinating and should always be accessible. Although I have been fortunate to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in history, I think that technology has only made history more and more available to everyone! We all have a history and we all are making our own history.

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An Historian About Town covers all things history, culture, and style! My history posts might be book recommendations, documentaries, interesting episodes or even holiday traditions (depending on the time of year). Cultural posts will include ballet and theatre reviews, (other) book recommendations, and travel guides. And of course Style File Friday will be the home of all things style and fashion related!

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You will find history woven into most of my posts. It may not be the main feature but it tends to be there in the background! If you ever have a question about a period or person in history, feel free to use my Contact Me page to make post requests- I’m happy to share my knowledge.

Although it may not seem like it, we are all making our own quiet history and it is up to each of us what history we leave behind- here is to celebrating being history in the making!

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