3 Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

I am a huge audiobook and podcast fan- I love listening to them while I do pretty much anything. Laundry, dishes, running, commuting, travelling, pretty much anything is the perfect background for listening to a podcast. I tend to listen to all available episodes when I find a new podcast, and then once I’m caught up, I have my weekly episode to enjoy. Because finding a good podcast is actually pretty difficult, I spend a lot of time looking up recommendations and “if you like THIS, you will like THAT,”- these are my current recommendations that I think most people would enjoy!

3 Podcast Recsfor Everyone

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Hosting and Party Etiquette

“Do I have to invite significant others?”, “Do I need to pay for my plate?”, “Speeches??” are all questions that seem to follow people when they are planning a wedding. However, most of us don’t regularly host weddings but rather casual get-togethers at home with friends and family.  This final post in my etiquette series is all about hosting casual parties yourself, and to make the best of it for you and your guests. A little bit of etiquette can go a long way to easy, smooth, and successful parties at home, and make your guests feel that much more comfortable!

Hosting & Party Etiquette

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Workplace Etiquette

I think that any of us who have worked in any sort of job have had a panicked moment where we overheard a very personal conversation of a coworker or a boss, accidentally hit “Reply All” instead of “Reply”, or have even avoided attending conferences and events because we aren’t sure how to interact with people. Etiquette is not only for your personal life, but also for your professional life! In fact, I would argue that it probably has more of an impact on your professional life. Today I’m sharing a few tips to tackle those tough situations at work!

Workplace Etiquette

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Daily Etiquette

Welcome to the first post in my series on etiquette! (My introductory post can be found here.) I will say this a million and one times, but etiquette serves to make the most number of people comfortable and when you are familiar with etiquette, it can often serve to alleviate some social anxiety (which is the reason why many people avoid situations). As Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning say, etiquette is about compassion, respect, and empathy. Today’s post is all about daily etiquette and things that come up in normal, every day lives- greetings, punctuality, wardrobe, and eating. I find that these daily items tend to revolve around respect for you and respect for others!

Daily Etiquette

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An Introduction to Etiquette and Mrs. Emily Post

Much to my pleasant surprise, my poll from my long weekend post showed me that etiquette is in fact interesting to a lot of people! If I’m being honest, I could probably write a weekly etiquette post but I understand that most people don’t need quite that much etiquette. So, I will be sharing the highlights and big points in key areas of etiquette that we all experience at some point in our lives: day to day life, work/ business, big/ formal events, and travel. Today is an introduction to etiquette in general and where I get my information/ ideas from, mainly Mrs. Emily Post!

An Introductionto Etiquette

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Common Courtesy… Or No?

I understand that I am somewhat traditional in my etiquette; I believe that thank you notes, hostess gifts, and dress codes are useful and practical things that should be far more common than they are today. However, I think that the world is quickly falling past these standards and ignoring even common courtesy for other human beings. Will the madness ever end??

Common Courtesy...Or No_

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Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Banff Springs, Travel Thursday

If you read my Banff To-Do List a couple weeks ago, you will know that taking afternoon tea at the Fairmont Banff Springs was at the top of my list! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, and it was certainly worth the wait. If you ever happen to find yourself in Banff, you need to spend an hour or two enjoying some wonderful tea and delicious food. You will have some of the best views in the town, five star service, and a peaceful oasis away from the bustle of travel.

Afternoon Tea at the Banff Fairmont Springs,Travel Thursday

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Tea for All!

I have received quite a few comments and emails from my post on The Crown and Planning Your Binge- all about tea (Odd given that I’ve posted about tea several times in the past and it’s never come up, but I’ll never give up a chance to talk about tea!). Some have said that you should only use a mug, others only a teapot. Some have said that loose leaf is too extravagant, while others have said that grocery store teas are worthless. My thoughts?

Tea bag vs Loose Tea?

In my post, I linked to both loose tea and tea bags. Specifically I linked to Twinings, as I understand that not everyone is a tea aficionado and that they won’t pay the price of loose leaf tea. I also get that not everyone understands tea or want to take the time to learn about it, and a cheap tea bag steeped for 2-3 minutes is easier than a pu’erh at 90.5 C with a 30 second steep, a flush, and then a second steep for 3-5 minutes. I believe that tea should be accessible and easy for everyone, no matter how much time you are willing to put into your tea! One last note: loose leaf tea might seem expensive, but when you do the math per cup, it’s typically not heinously expensive. Yes, it will be more than grocery store variety teas, but still not outrageous.


Teacup vs Teapot?

On the teapot vs cup, I am a fan of using a cup. (Disclaimer: all of my cups are only used for tea, never for coffee as it will leach into the porcelain.) I personally only have a large teapot and don’t like to limit myself to having the same blend 2-3 cups in a row. If you would like to make loose leaf tea in a cup, I would recommend a basket steeper! A basket steeper allows for larger teas to expand as much as necessary while not allowing smaller teas to slip through, all while still preserving the quality of loose leaf tea (rather than the dust and leavings found in most teabags). It also creates less waste in the long run, also helping the environment where we can! Final thought: cups with basket steepers allow me to make tea at work- a teapot is simply not feasible in my office.

TL;DR? Tea is for everyone, and we all have different preferences! Some are for a specific reason, and some are just because, but we are all allowed to feel that way. I am an oddity who greatly dislikes coffee and that is one of my quirks. Accept everyone for their tea habits, and share a cup with a smile 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

Theatre Etiquette

October is a big theatre month for me! Remember that contest I said I entered at Ballet in the Park? Well, it turns out that I won!! This is pretty amazing because a) I don’t typically ever win anything, and 2) I actually tried for it and it paid off. What did I win? Tickets to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Dracula. Not only is this a world renowned production, it will be even more special because M will be visiting then! Before that, I am also seeing Potted Potter, a 70 minute retelling of all seven Harry Potter books, and The Book of Mormon. Today, in honour of all of these shows, I’m going to be discussing theatre etiquette!  Continue reading

Etiquette, Part V: Table Manners DO Matter

Eating is something we all have in common, but table manners aren’t as common. I don’t believe that people strike out to be rude or uncouth, but it’s becoming more and more rare to learn table manners. It’s actually a fairly simple practice, as well. This post is going to focus on basic table manners that we all use every day. Continue reading