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The 5 Best Culture Posts of 2018

As I continue to wrap up my year of blogging with my favourite posts, today is all about my favourite culture posts. My blog shifted a bit in focus in the second half of the year, and I’m so thrilled that I am including more cultural posts. I know that some people will argue about culture being elitist, but I do try to find museums, visits, and events that are open to everyone! (With any amount of knowledge) I am planning to include a lot more cultural posts on the blog in 2019, so this is the perfect time to enjoy my favourites from 2018. These are my 5 best culture posts of 2018!

The 5 Best Culture Posts of 2018

Culture is one of those tricky things for a lot of people. Some think that it is too high brow and elitist, that it is too difficult for the common person to engage. Others believe that culture is too democratic and it is losing some of it’s weight. Me? I believe that any and all culture should be experienced by all of us! It can make you think about your life and others, make you consider a new perspective, and even push you to create something yourself. In any case, I try to share my cultural escapades with my readers!

RWB’s Ballet in the Park, 2018 

Ballet in the Park is absolutely one of my favourite annual traditions. We have a world-class ballet company here, and we are so fortunate to have them put on a performance for free for the community in one of our most beautiful parks. This year was a little different, though- I hired a photographer to help me with the post! One of my best friends is a talented photographer who dances herself, and she knows exactly how to photograph the dancers. It also was a fantastic performance, as we were treated to a full length performance of Carmina Burana, as well as pieces from Romeo and Juliet. Such an amazing tradition, and such beautiful photos!!

RWBs Ballet in the Park, 2018

Favourite Places: The Tower of London

This was one of my tweaked and improved republished posts, and I am thrilled that I’ve started doing it. With my relaunch in September, I enjoyed sharing some of my older favourites- I have almost 1,300 posts, and many of my readers haven’t seen some of my older posts. I do tend to actually change and edit things, so aside from a recipe, there actually are new things to read!

The Tower of London is one of my favourite places and one of my favourite posts! I loved giving more context to my posts and beefing it up. Now that I have shifted to more of history focus, I have felt free to go further in-depth with my historical travel posts. The Tower of London is a fascinating spot to visit, and has centuries upon centuries of royal intrigue, murder, and drama. I also think that looking back on my older posts has given me a new appreciation for my own work!

Tower of London Post

Timeless Etiquette

Etiquette is an important topic for me. Etiquette is meant to make the greatest number of people comfortable, but people often protest if it means that they might have to change what they are doing. These are basic etiquette reminders that serve across most cultures and time periods, and really should just be common sense. It is good to remember that etiquette is really how you tell others what you think of them with your regular behaviour. If only basic etiquette was still commonly taught, we would be in a much more polite and civil society than we find ourselves now! Calling cards aren’t necessary, but promptness and a kind greeting never go out of style.

Timeless Etiquette

RWB’s The Handmaid’s Tale 

One more ballet post for good measure! The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s production of The Handmaid’s Tale is a wonderful example of art and culture still being relevant in today’s society. The RWB brought back a 2012 production, choreographed by Lila York, and I think with the television show from Hulu filming the third season, it is more relevant than ever. I was able to see a dress rehearsal of it, as well as a pre-show talk with the choreographer, and it truly is a masterful piece.

I also love that it is grounded and story-driven, as I think that it makes it as accessible as possible, and you really only have to be willing to watch it to follow along! If you have read the book, you can make your analysis. However, you can go in completely blind and still enjoy it completely.

RWB's The Handmaid's Tale Review

Doors Open Winnipeg: Manitoba Legislative Building 

Doors Open Winnipeg is a wonderful weekend where we can all visit buildings and sites for free to celebrate the heritage and history of our beautiful city. This was the first year that I’ve taken part but I certainly will be going forward! I took advantage, and visited a few places, but this is the most breath-taking.

In all of my travels, I have seen some spectacular and grand buildings. However, I am quite happy to say that the Manitoba Legislative Building here in Winnipeg rivals the best of the European cathedrals and parliaments. People often dismiss much of Canada; if it isn’t Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or Banff, it doesn’t exist. However, we very much do exist, and exist in a beauty of all our own. Construction on the Manitoba Legislative Building began in 1913 and was completed in 1920 (a centennial I look forward to). It currently occupies over 250,000 square feet, and is considered one of the most beautiful legislative buildings in North America! And for anyone who is interested in it, there is quite a bit of royal history to be found throughout the building. I spent quite a bit of time portrait hunting, and was rewarded with fantastic  King George V, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip portraits that really should be seen by more people!

Doors Open Winnipeg: Manitoba Legislative Building

What has been your favourite recent cultural experience?

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