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The 5 Best Book Posts of 2018

One constant in my life, no matter what I am going through, is reading. You will never find me without a book on hand for a spare moment, and I’m one of those people who reads three books at once. Although book posts can be a little involving (because obviously you have to have read all of the books), I always enjoy them. I’ve discovered new favourites this year, and shared old classics, as well. In case you have missed them or are looking for some more recommendations, these are the 5 best book posts of 2018!

The 5 Best Book Posts of 2018

As of 27 December, I have read 85 books this year. 43 of those books have been non-fiction, and 42 of those fiction. There have some long-waited for releases, some new surprises, and a good deal of history (as you would expect). I’ve found some wonderful new sources of books, and could use some extra reading time. I will admit, I stick to the genres that I know well, but I think that puts me in a good place to recommend! These are my favourite posts of the year, with some of my favourite books, and some of my newer readers may have missed them.

October 2018 Upcoming History Books

I don’t know why it took me so long, but I have finally jumped into the NetGalley pool! For anyone who doesn’t know, NetGalley is a site that allows you to request advanced ebook copies of upcoming releases. It can be difficult to get approved for books at the start, because you don’t have any track record to speak of. However, I am quite happy that it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to be approved for history books. These are some of the first books that I read from NetGalley, and they are all fantastic history books! It is a mix of royal history, etiquette, social history, and architectural history, and there is something for everyone. All of these books have been published now, so all are available if you are interested!

4 Upcoming History books for Oct 2018

Reading Royal: 4 Books to Get You Excited For the Royal Wedding 

The royal wedding in May was quite exciting, but I was actually very impressed with Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October. It was a beautiful wedding, and she really allowed her personality to show through in every aspect. (And that emerald tiara!!) Still, these are four of my favourite royal reads, should you wish to dive into some royal history. The Catherine and William biographies are interesting enough on their own, I think that they become far more so once you consider that they will be on the throne, some time in the future! And the Queen Elizabeth II biography is just a truly well-written and enjoyable biography of a woman who has endured decades of change. The essays based on The Crown is the perfect book for anyone who likes to stay “up” on their Netflix queue!

Royal Reads

How to Pick a Book For Your Book Club 

In July of this year, I started a book club for my blog readers! You can find the Facebook group here if you are interested in joining us- our next read, starting in mid-January 2019 is The Little French Bistro by Nina George. I’m also a member of another online book club, as well as an in-person book club. While I do love reading new books and having more people to talk to books about, I do find it a stressful exercise to pick a book to read. What if no one likes it? What if the book is really weird and people think it reflects on you? And what if everyone has already read it and is bored by it?! These are my best tips for picking a book for your book club, so that everyone enjoys it and the process is a little less stressful for you.

How to pick for your book club

4 Cozy Series to Make You Fall in Love With Mysteries 

Cozy mysteries are one of my favourite genres! Like chick lit, cozies get a bad name. Yes, cozies follow a pattern, but the pattern is what makes them enjoyable. Cozy mysteries typically don’t have any direct violence or graphic sex, the sleuth is usually an amateur, and there is almost always a theme. (It can be a location, a time period, a hobby, a job, or anything else, but there is something that defines it!) If it is a baking cozy, you will find recipes. If it is a crafting cozy, there might be patterns. In any case, it is a genre that I think gets a lot of love from regular readers,and no love whatsoever from anyone else. So, I would recommend you give cozies a chance and grab one of these enjoyable and easy mysteries the next time you have a free afternoon!

4 Cozy Series to Make You Love Mysteries

Kobo vs. Kindle vs. Google Play Books: a Guide to eBooks

This is one of my most “technical” posts ever, but I am really quite proud of it. I am a dedicated reader of ebooks! A lot of readers feel compelled to go out of their way to pointedly tell you that they will only read a book that they can smell and flip pages and crack the spine. To them I say, isn’t it better for someone to read an ebook than not read at all? eReaders allow us to carry thousands of books in our pocket at once, a great feat for a voracious reader. They also allow readers who may have difficulty in reading a standard book to adjust lighting, font size and shape, and even margin widths! However, as good as they are, the market is saturated and it can be difficult to know what to choose amongst your options. This guide will help you look at the three main options in the eBook market and decide which is the best option for you. (Also, this is my third most popular post for the entire year on the blog!)

What has your favourite book post been this year?

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