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5 Best Style Posts of 2018

As ever, Style File Friday continues to be a constant on my blog! Although it can be difficult for me to get the pictures (I have about 4 hours total in a week when I’m home and the light is good enough), I still love writing them. Despite whatever happens to be going on in my life at the time, style is something that can always hold my attention, make me hopeful for the future, and provide needed mental exercise. I have found that readers from all generations still seem to enjoy my Style File Friday posts, and even when they are aimed at one generation or the other, they will offer advice and thoughts!

So, these are my 5 best style posts of 2018! Not necessarily the highest number of views or most shares, but the style posts that I think are my best and strongest of the year. They’ve made me think, made my readers think, helped people solve style dilemmas, and entertained us all! I hope that you have enjoyed these as well, and that you are excited for a new year of Style File Friday!


5 Best Style Posts of 2018

3 Books on the Background of Style 

At the beginning of 2018, I set out to educate myself on all things style and fashion. I’ve done a lot of reading in forums, spent a lot of time watching documentaries on the industry, but most enjoyably, reading a great many books. There are a lot of books that you can find on style and fashion. Many of them that have been written in the last decade are dressing like a chic French woman, but if you dig enough, you can really get stuck into the history and business of it all. Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster is one of my favourite books, fashion or otherwise, and I recommend reading it ASAP! The follow up book will be coming out in 2019, so you will be ready for its release. And if you have any style and fashion blogs or books to recommend me, please leave me a link or a title in the comments so that I can find it. (Just a heads up, a lot of books on the modern fashion industry can be rather depressing in a number of ways. However, I think we should be informed consumers!)

3 Books on the Background of Style

The Validity of Style and Fashion

This is one of my favourite posts of the year, style or otherwise. I really enjoyed this think piece style of post, and including one every now and again on Style File Friday! I think that style and appearance play an immeasurable role in people’s perception of you, and to think otherwise is just foolish. People will often dismiss and condescend to anyone who is interested in style because they don’t care to understand it or put the effort in. I will never care if you are wearing designer clothing, no name items, or somewhere in between, but I will care if you look clean, put together, and some thought was put into what you are wearing. A lack of understanding is never an acceptable reason to put something down, and that includes style and fashion! It also doesn’t make you a funnier, smarter, or better person to mock someone else’s passion, and says more about you than anyone else.

The Validity of Style & Fashion

How to Set Your Style Budget 

This post came out of a number of things. I had had quite a few readers request a post on making a budget for your wardrobe, as it can feel daunting. I also read countless posts this year from people building ethical and sustainable wardrobes who seem to ignore the fact that most of us do have a budget. Many of us can’t afford to drop $150 on one blouse for work, or $225 for a casual dress, ethical or not. By setting yourself a style budget, you can ensure that you aren’t putting yourself into debt for your wardrobe (which should never happen) but also that you are putting thought into what you are purchasing. A little bit of thought can go a long way in slowing down your fashion buys! Even people with an unlimited budget should be thoughtful in their style choices, and looking at it through the lens of a budget is just prudent.

How to Set Your Style Budget

How to Dress Professionally When You Are a Millenial 

This is something that I still sometimes struggle with, even 5 years on into my career now. Most offices are a mine-field of style choices and looks, and it can difficult to know the answer. I still strongly feel that wearing specific clothing for specific tasks (including work) is something we should bring back. Leggings don’t belong in the workplace; there are properly fitting, comfortable pants out there that aren’t leggings. You will have to actually try things on and look for them, but leggings are not the answer to everything. In 2018 (soon to be 2019), suits and formal office wear isn’t necessarily the answer, either. It is now all about striking a balance of professionalism and personality, and it can take a while to find your own style.

Professional work wear for millenials

5 Tips to Repair and Refresh Your Clothing

This is an entirely practical post, and that might be exactly why I love it! I truly believe that people are starting to realise the cost of fast fashion, in both human and environmental meaning. Although a lot of us can’t afford to entirely avoid fast fashion, properly caring for your clothing and repairing it when needed can go a long way to prolonging it’s life. These are easy tips and tricks to help you care for your wardrobe and make the best out of everything. Before throwing something out, put it aside and determine if it can actually be repaired or fixed. Sometimes nothing can be done, but quite often a button can be sewn back on, pants can be hemmed, seams can be stitched up, and pilling can be removed. Give your clothing a long life and put your skills to use!

5 Ways to Repair & Refresh Your Clothing

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 best style posts of 2018! Is there anything you would like to see on Style File Friday in 2019? 

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