Tips for Buying a Blazer, Style File Friday

For those of you who read the blog, you will be familiar with my theory that if you aren’t willing to pay full price for something, you probably don’t want it that much. (Unless you are constantly striving for luxury items, that’s a different question…) Well, I had been thinking on and considering a new black blazer from Vero Moda for three months now as I love my navy blazer but end up staring at it thinking “a black one would work better right now”. My green 3/4 blazer from Vero Moda is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, so there is a trust with the brand, and at only $60 CAD, the Jana Blazer from Vero Moda is my new favourite piece!

Vero Moda Jana Blazer (1)


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My 7 Favourite Style Instagram Accounts

Now that I am finally active on Instagram with both daily posts and Instagram stories, I’ve really started to enjoy finding new accounts to follow. I think that discussions about Instagram these days are mostly griping and complaining, so I’ve decided to focus on the positives! (Disclaimer: I’m not an Instagram expert, just a person who uses it.) Some of my favourite accounts are doggos, some are travellers, some are just people sharing their life- today I’m going to focus on the style related Instagram accounts that I’ve been loving lately!

My 7 Favourite Style Instagrams

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How to Protect Yourself From Sun Damage, Style File Friday

While I think that a lot of the world waits impatiently for spring and summer to arrive and to hopefully bring warm and sunny days to cheer us up, it can be easy to forget how much damage can be done by those sunny days. I think we are all fairly aware of what the sun can do to you but that slips our mind when we are packing up for a weekend out or taking a half hour walk at lunch. These are six specific and easy ways to fight against sun damage and reduce your chances of excess sun exposure!

A Style Guide to Sun Protection

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How to Find Your Investment Buys, Style File Friday

No matter what field you work in or are interested in, there are investment myths- “if you buy a Honda, it won’t lose value”, “if I buy this cappuccino machine, I can make one a day for 10 years,” and  “a Birkin is an investment bag- you can resell it for a higher value if you need to”. However, are these things actually true? You can get a lemon Honda Civic the same you can any other car, that coffee maker probably isn’t going to last any longer than a plain old coffee pot, and should the world’s economy go into the tank, people may no longer be interested in a $15,000 purse. This guide will help you determine what your investment buys for your wardrobe should be, and how to get the most out of them.

How to Find Your Style Investment Buys

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The Art of Wearing a Hat, Style File Friday

In honour of the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow (or has already happened, depending on when you are reading this), I’m sharing my thoughts on the art of wearing a hat. Millinery is an elegant and timeless way to elevate an outfit, and add a certain level of chic that can otherwise be difficult to achieve for a daytime event- it can be a big step to get started but once you do, it is a wonderful accessory. It’s also just a lovely throwback to a mostly-gone era where you dressed to the occasion, and embraced the formal!

The Art of Wearing a Hat (1)

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Transitioning From Snow to… Spring?, Style File Friday

So, while a lot of the world is sharing Instagram images of cherry blossoms and flowers blooming and coats that aren’t parkas, there are a whole lot of us who look at the window and still see snow. I mean, I think for most of us that snow is slowly melting, but we aren’t going to truly have spring until sometime in the middle of May. I try to slowly move out of my darker and heavier winter wardrobe when we come to April, but it takes some creative planning and styling for the first month or so!

Transitioning fromSnow to Spring

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A Guide to Smart Casual for the Office, Style File Friday

I recently changed jobs at the company that I work for, and my new department is quite different from my last! Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I am really happy to have wonderful co-workers who make the day brighter. This office is more casual than most though, and I’m definitely working on adapting my style so that I fit more. (I’m not against being on the dressier side, but it does feel odd to be in suit when everyone else is in jeans no matter where you are in life.) This is a guide on how to tackle dressing for a casual office when you come from a formal background!


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How to Choose the Right Handbag for You (with Bagwhispers), Style File Friday

As some of you will know, I have decided that 2018 is going to be the year that I educate myself on all things style. It’s easy to get caught up in pretty pictures on Pinterest, but I want to understand everything that is going into my closet and the principles guiding what we wear. In my research so far, I’ve come to understand that there is as much history, knowledge, and skill into handbags and accessories as the clothing itself. For Style File Friday, we are joined this week by Siobhan of Bagwhispers who when asked about bag shapes and styles explained how to select a handbag that suits your lifestyle!

Bagwhispers was born out of a frustration of shopping for a bag.  It’s a destination for those who want to take the hassle out of high street pounding and online trawling for the bag that’s going to make an outfit. Bagwhispers does the trawling for you and gives you the low down on quality bags regardless of budget.  In Siobhan’s own words, you want to avoid the skin grazing zips, the stitching that won’t last more than a month and the faux leather that is closer to plastic. Here is her advice on choosing the bag best for you!

How to Choose the Right Handbag for You

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4 Ways to Break a Style Rut, Style File Friday

I think that most of us get into habits in our day to day life- we gravitate towards the same food, we drive the same way to and from work, and we drink the same drinks. This routine usually applies to our wardrobe, as well. It’s easy to keep throwing together the same four or five outfits because you know that they will work, but I find for me and a lot of people, you often get a boost of energy and confidence from wearing a new ensemble. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy said outfit, though. These are four easy ways to break out of your style rut and change things up!

4 Ways to Breaka Style Rut

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