Lilly Pulitzer Windward Dress, Style File Friday

Continuing on in my spring and summer theme for clothing, I’m sharing a light and fun dress that I was able to find for a fantastic price! The Windward Dress is a casual, cotton dress from Lilly Pulitzer that I bought for less than half of the retail price with patience and luck. I’m still working on branching out from my wardrobe of many, many solid neutrals (and stripes that are essentially a neutral…), so Lilly is a perfect infusion of fun and pattern. Although Sea Ruffles (this pattern) is monochromatic, the light blue and white is not at all present in my wardrobe! Look at me, branching out like an adult. This is the story of how I actually found the dress, and my review and thoughts of it!

Lilly Pulitzer Windward Dress

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Style File Friday, Lululemon Basics


My relationship with Lululemon has been slightly fraught. Prices are slowly rising while sheer leggings and rolling hems can be an issue. However, there are still a few different pieces that I still reach for and I recommend no matter what. I grabbed both of these in a new colour when I was in Banff (you can always branch out.) Somehow I’ve been a Lululemon customer for twelve years (TWELVE??? Where has the time gone?) and I’ve tried a wide range of products, it’s time I share my Lulu brand knowledge with all of you!

Lululemon BasicStyle File

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Style File Friday, 5 Tips for Resale Boards

Resell boards are pretty popular nowadays- they are a great way to buy affordable and hard-to-find items that you might otherwise not be to. You can find them for pretty much every brand and geographic location, if you are willing to spend a little time poking around. However, there rules and methods to using each board and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. I am here to help and pass on my experience! This post is going to focus on Facebook resell groups because they are accessible to anyone who has Facebook.

how to

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Style File Friday, Millinery and Fascinators

In honour of the anniversary of the Royal Wedding tomorrow, today’s Style File Friday post is all about millinery, fascinators, and hats! They are a staple of English fashion and style, and I think it’s something that is really lacking in North America. It really finishes an outfit off, particularly for formal day events. Today I’m going to share two of my favourite pieces of head wear with you!


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RepliKates, Style File Friday

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of my favourite style icons, I’ve adored her style from the very beginning! While I love tracking it and follow several different royal style blogs, unfortunately for me, she has a very different body type than I do. If I could, I would track down repliKates for ninety percent of what she wears, but alas- much of it would not look great on me. Still, I do try to find what I can, and today’s three pieces are my favourite repliKates in my wardrobe!

RepliKates, Style File Friday

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How to Handle Casual Friday, Style File Friday

I find that something that a lot of people struggle with in their career, be it at the start or right in the middle, is the idea of casual Friday. How casual should casual Friday be? Should you observe it? Where are the lines?? Today’s post is all about how to navigate casual Friday and what some options might be! You know your own environment and workplace, so these are suggestions that I think shoot middle of the road but could be tweaked for more or less casual looks. And, because it seems particularly relevant, Happy Friday, all!  Continue reading

Style File Friday, 17 February 2017

This week marks a momentous occasion. For some people, dare I say most people, this would not be an occasion at all. It would be a normal, everyday action that you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at. You see, I ordered my very first, honest to goodness, non-drugstore make up palette! I spent hours upon hours trying to find a palette that fit within my budget, brands that I want to support, and the colour range that I like wearing right now. So, which palette did I end up ordering? Continue reading