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Ornaments of the Day 7, Blogmas

This will be my last ornament post of 2018, and I’m a little bit sad about that! Ornaments are one of my favourite things in this world, and I have truly enjoyed writing and sharing these posts. However, because it is the last ornament post, I have decided to do an extra large post. As I mentioned, we have an extra large tree (usually 12+ feet) so we have hundreds of ornaments on it. So, today I will be sharing more of one of my collections on the tree…

Ornament of the Day

Welcome to our big tree! I think that it is quite a show stopper. Unfortunately we don’t get to cut this one down, as it comes from Quebec, but I do love looking at it during the holiday season. Everyone always loves seeing it at our holiday parties and open house, as well! (And for anyone wondering, Agnes has left it alone. Score one for the puppy!)

2018 Large Christmas Tree

I’ve already shown you one of my nutcracker ornaments, but I decided to delve deeper into my collection for this last post! The Nutcracker just lends itself so perfectly to tree decorations, and one day I hope to have a tree entirely decorated in Nutcrackers (in addition to a normal tree, of course)! These have been collected over the years, from many places. Some are from trips, some are just from stores, many are from productions of the Nutcracker, of course. All have a spot on our tree, though, and they always will!

Action Nutcracker Ornament
Classic Nutcracker Ornament
Movable Nutcracker Ornament
Canadian Nutcracker Ornament

And the last Nutcracker but not Nutcracker? A Canadian Clara, without whom we wouldn’t have our wonderful story! I’ve now started looking for more Clara ornaments but they are still surprisingly hard to find! (If you find any, please let me know- I would be eternally grateful).

Canadian Clara Ornament

Which of these Nutcracker ornaments is your favourite?

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