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Boxing Day Traditions

Boxing Day is a wonderful day- another day off work (or if you work in retail, extra pay), another day to relax, and another day to do whatever you desire. In the last few years, I’ve used Boxing Day as a me-day. I try not to have too many me-days, as we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves. However, this last 13 months has been quite difficult, and giving myself a free pass to do what I want helps a lot. These are my Boxing Day traditions, and how I enjoy the day for myself!

Boxing Day Traditions

For anyone who doesn’t know, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day, and is observed in most Commonwealth countries. There are a few different theories as to how that particular name came to be, but it is also known as St. Stephen’s Day in some counties. In any case, it is often marked by crazy sales in the stores, a day off of work for most offices, and a break from the craziness of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I have a few “go-tos” that I love for Boxing Day. If I do go to the store for sales, I go for when they first open so I’m back home for a full day of relaxing.


People like to tell me that I am child for colouring, but I still love colouring. I find it really relaxing, I like having something to concentrate on if my mind is wandering! It can also be mindless if I am watching something or talking with people. It’s the perfect activity! I’m currently working through my Secret London colouring book, but I’m also eyeing up my Royal Family colouring book as well. (As you can tell, I typically prefer the colours to be realistic- I am very particular with my colouring…) I love to paint and sketch, but sometimes I don’t have quite the mental capacity to work on it. Colouring is a wonderful way to still work on my art but not be mentally overwhelming.

Secret London Colouring Book for Boxing Day tradition

Movies and TV

Boxing Day is the best time to watch old favourites and new movies, or really dig into a television series! I have just started a Downton Abbey re-watch for the upcoming movie (because I have no memories from the last three series…) so I will be making my way through that! If my math is correct, I should be starting series 3. I also plan on watching Crazy Rich Asians (finally!) and a few historical documentaries from my Amazon Prime watch list. I am all about indulging yourself on Boxing Day, so throw on whatever you want! (No matter how much of a guilty pleasure it may be…) Depending on where you live, it can be a great day to watch some Christmas specials, also- here in Canada, British shows don’t start until January or later, so the special usually airs in March.

PS. Colouring is great when you are watching movies and TV!

Downton Abbey on Tablet


Although Boxing Day is about indulging yourself, but taking care of yourself should always be a priority. I don’t do anything crazy, but I try to do 20-30 minutes of yoga a day to stay lose and fit. I like Erica Vetra’s sequences for really challenging and pushing myself, and Yoga With Adriene for more stretching/mental work. It is easy to get super lazy over the break, but it is far easier to start the new year with good habits already in place. I also hate going back to the gym on the first day back at work and feeling like a rusty tin-man- my dad has an elliptical that I might use if I’m feeling ambitious… And of course, I will be drinking tons of water, as well!

Reading, All the Reading

Any excuse to read, I will take! I have already made my Goodreads goal this year, but I may actually be on track to read a book a day for these last 6 days. I finished my Christmas Eve book before dinner on Christmas Eve (It’s Not Me, It’s You by Mhairi McFarlane), and loved it! I’m now making my way through another piece of chick lit, but I suspect I will be done by the time this post goes up (added at 8pm on Christmas day). There are always really great sales on the Kobo and Kindle sites, and can be a great way to stock up on books for the new year. (I may also be persuing NetGalley for more books, not that I need more or anything…)

I received a beautiful book from my grandfather, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Ladythat I plan on getting started on. It is more of a slow read, so I don’t expect I will finish it before the new year! I am one of those people who reads 3-5 books at any given time, and I think that The Country Diary will balance my fiction and history books quite nicely. In any case, it is time to soak up any and all books possible!

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady with a sleeping westie

Agnes, Of Course 

Agnes obviously takes centre in most of my days, but I plan on extra cuddles and play time! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are quite hectic and busy, and I don’t get as much one-on-one playtime as I want on those days. She received more toys than any dog could need, and even treats to take a bath in! It is also her first birthday tomorrow, so we will be getting ready to host her Barkday party with her friends. (Yes, I am that person and I. Don’t. Care.) As long as the weather is nice, we will take some extra walks with play time in the snow drifts, also! We also do daily training, so we will be working on all of our different exercises. You should challenge yourself at least once a day, even if you are a puppy!

Agnes the Little Westie in Front of the Christmas Tree

Do you have any Boxing Day traditions? What are you up to today? 

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4 thoughts on “Boxing Day Traditions”

  • I really wish we had Boxing Day in the U.S. We totally need a day after Christmas to recollect ourselves, lol. Luckily, I have off this entire week from work, so I am kinda of indulging in a “Boxing Week,” lol. I’ve been doing a TON of reading, which is fantastic. I finished NINE PERFECT STRANGERS and I should finish THE KISS QUOTIENT in a day or two. I’ve done some blogging work, but I am definitely trying to relax a bit more than usual. It IS nice to do blog stuff, though, during normal daylight hours instead of after work, so I’m enjoying some “lazy blogging” haha. Of course, I’m spending much time with my little Kitty, cuddling and reading together. I want to watch BIRD BOX on Netflix, but I’m not yet ready to be tense, so I’m putting that off a bit, haha. I’m also taking time to see friends who are in town for the holiday, and that’s the best thing. I love reconnecting with friends after not seeing each other for awhile, particularly in the middle of the work week. It feels extra special and decadent!

    Happy Barkday to Agnes!! Such a cutie. I celebrate my cat’s birthday, too, so you’re def not alone in that!!

    • I did not get anywhere near as much blog work done as I wanted to, but I did relax as much as possible, which I did very much need. Boxing Day can suck if you work in retail, but to be honest, I liked the busyness of the day (it kept it moving). It is nice to be back into the regular swing of things now, though! #routineforthewin

    • A historical Country Diary colouring book?!?!?! The gods have conspired in my favour!! I’m going to hunt it down on my trip in Feb 😀 This book is just so quietly wonderful!

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