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Ornament of the Day 4, Blogmas

Thursday is here, and along with that, another ornament of the day! Writing these posts has really made me realise that I should display my ornaments during the year… Today’s ornament is part of a larger collection of ornaments, that I and other people have contributed to. (No, squirrel ornaments aren’t my only collection on the tree!) Christmas pro tip: if you want an easy party game for the holidays, ask everyone to count however many squirrels, angels, blue ornaments, *insert ornament type” here on the tree and give a prize to the person who can locate all of them. So, without further adieu…

Ornament of the Day

In case you hadn’t already guessed, I have a fairly intense collection of nutcracker ornaments. Not only do I seek them out for myself, most people know that I collect them and will also gift them. (It’s a really easy present if you ever have me in a gift exchange.) If you are very new to the blog, The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets- mostly because I love that it is most people’s first ballet and introduction to the art. And given my appreciation of tradition, I love that they are a classic ornament that carries across the generations!

Green Nutcracker Ornament

This nutcracker in particular is special given that it is green and has that cute little pot of gold, to represent my time in Ireland! Getting my Masters is a still one of my biggest accomplishments, and being able to live there for a year is such a special time. I am all about ornaments representing something important in your life, and that was a big one. Plus I think that the glitter helps the tree sparkle that little bit more! (There are more nutcrackers to come, never fear!)

Do you have any collections of ornaments that you hang up?

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