Travel Thursday, Harry Potter Gingerbread Village

Whenever M and I visit each other, we really try to get out into the city and do something! For this trip into Seattle, we decided to stay in the city overnight- it can make for a very long night to catch the shuttle back to Whidbey Island, and you have to make sure you are leaving the city by a specific time. We chose to stay at the Sheraton in Downtown Seattle, which is in a great location that is close to everything downtown! (Five minute walk to Pike Place, ten tops if you are walking slowly.) We were very lucky that while we were staying there, there was a gingerbread village, a gingerbread village with each “house” decorated for one of the Harry Potter books!

Harry PotterGingerbread Village,Travel Thursday

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An Historian About… Nutcracker 2016

One of my very favourite holiday traditions is and will always be The Nutcracker. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is a cultural icon and I go out of my way to attend as many performances as I can! You can see my Nutcracker post from 2015 here! The familiarity of it is part of why I love it so much, it feels like coming home at Christmas. You get to experience a wonderful score, fantastic choreography, and the chance to see younger dancers in more prominent roles! So, how was this year? Continue reading

Holiday Traditions (Blogmas 2016)

For many of us, we are winding down at work and school for a bit of a break, or at least for an extra few days, and I think that we are all looking forward to it! Yes, it is usually accompanied with a different kind of business, but I personally prefer the business of holiday visits and events than paperwork and emails at work. It is the time to embrace the cheer and warmth of Christmas lights and parties and enjoy the company of those around us. Today is all about those traditions that we have!  Continue reading

Christmas Tree Trip, 2016 (Part II)- Blogmas

In Part I of my Christmas Tree Hunting Trip, we journeyed out into the cold to find my little Christmas tree, pick up our big Christmas tree, and enjoy the Who-ville style trees while running and riding about the property on a sleigh ride! While it was all great fun, we finally went inside out of the cold to warm up a little, fill up our stomachs, and prepare for the decorations of the season!

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Style Saturday- 17 December 2016

It has been horrendously cold in Winnipeg. As in, uncovered skin will be frostbitten in ten minutes or less cold. While I still love winter, I do not love feeling like the calcium has been leached from my bones and been replaced with ice. Seat heaters in the car and efficient heating systems inside go a long way to keeping me warm, but this week I have been heavily relying on my Christmas sweaters to keep my blood pumping around me and keeping me warm. Also, they are just amusing. Call me an elf, we need the Christmas spirit to get us through the cold and the chaos!  Continue reading

Christmas Tree Trip, 2016(Pt I)- Travel Thursday

This past weekend, we finally did it- we went Christmas tree hunting for the perfect trees! If you have been reading my blog in the last little bit, I’m sure that you’ve figured out that I’m kind of an elf and kind of obsessed with the holidays. As such , Christmas tree hunting is kind of a big deal for me. The tree farm is out in the country, it’s a good drive from us but in the crisp clear weather it is usually a lovely drive! This is a trip that never disappoints… Continue reading

DIY- Salted Cream Scrub (Blogmas 2016)

Hello all! Today is my final DIY gift post of the 2016 holiday season, a salted cream scrub. This is a wonderful gift that you can throw together a few hours before you need to give it, and takes literally no skills whatsoever. I enjoy making this and mixing it, but it is quite comforting to know that I couldn’t really screw this up. As a first time scrub-DIYer (I’m going to say that that is a profession, Lush probably employs a few) I was a little uncertain but I feel like I can now move onto to making slightly more complicated scrubs in the future! However, back to the scrub at hand…  Continue reading

Blogmas Blogs!

Here is a listing of blogs participating in Blogmas- a daily post from December 1 to December 25! I have included blogs that might not be doing a daily post but are getting into the spirit in their own way. I’ve been adding blogs to list as I’ve been making this, but if I’ve forgotten someone, I’m sorry!! Feel free to leave a comment and you will be added straight away 🙂

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Gift Wrapping Guide (Blogmas 2016)

Hello all! Welcome back to your next Blogmas related post, today’s focus being gift wrapping. Unless you take the “all gift cards or cash” attitude, you will probably have to wrap a present or two. Sure, you can use tissue paper or a gift bag or a gift box but there is something about a wrapped present that makes it more special. Does every single gift need to be wrapped individually? Nope, but I’m an advocate of at least trying! I’m not the most gifted in this area (holiday pun!) but I have a system that I’m going to sahre with you now…. Continue reading