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Airport Bingo

If you travel by air at all, you will have experienced the pure joy that is interacting with a billion different people in an entirely stressfree situation… Likely not. Instead, you’ve probably spent more time than you want to navigating through a maze of a building, with a population that is 98% grumpy, at a time of day that you most likely only spend in bed. Today’s post is a way to see the positive and fun in air travel, and will hopefully give you something to do in the case that your battery is dying- airport bingo!
Airport Bingo (2)

The countless things that I have seen in airports that would be entirely abhorrent in regular society are mind-boggling, but it’s not slowing down any time soon. People go shoeless, floss their teeth, argue loudly, take up far too much space with their bags on seats, clip their toe-nails, and do a number of other unspeakable things. It’s a public place and there should be basic rules that we all follow. However, if you let those things drive you nuts, you will hate air travel and you will be one of those permanently angry people we see striding around. So, embrace all of the crazy, and use airport bingo to pass the time and treat yourself!
Airport Bingo (1)
If you have half an hour or less until you board, I would recommend aiming for two lines or a diagonal. If you have more than that, go for the whole card- go big or go home, right? Once you meet your goal, treat yourself! Maybe it’s that weird boxed water. Maybe it’s sour Skittles. Maybe it’s an $8 magazine that you wouldn’t normally buy. In any case, reward yourself. People watching is becoming a lost art, and airports are an interesting spot to work with. (Don’t go into stalker territory, though.) I’m going to try this on my trip to Seattle and I will report back on my card!
What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in an airport? 
Until tomorrow,
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