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Lilly Pulitzer Popover, Style File Friday

If you happened to read my SS17 Style To-Do List, you will recall that my list is actually quite short- just three things! I’ve acquired the first item on my list, a Lilly Pulitzer popover. It took a bit of Facebook re-sale board stalking, but I was able to get a print that I love at a wonderful price, and I’m wearing it as I sit at the airport and wait for my flight (so far, so good on the warmth). Today is going to be a review of the popover and my recommendations!
Lilly Pulitzer Popover Review,Style File Friday

Popovers seem to be a crazy popular Lilly Pulitzer item- there are a few different styles but there is a quarter zip, half zip, and full zip jacket. (Each print only comes in one option, FYI.) I don’t really care on the zipper size, so I focused my energy on finding a print that I like. I’m not a pink person, which cuts out a lot of prints.  My budget was originally $50 USD, however, I paid $73 USD for this- I was happy with this price because this was new with tags! I found this in a Popover specific group. Yes, popovers are so popular that someone has made a dedicated re-sale board!
Lilly Pulitzer Tons of Fun Popover full length
This particular print is called Tons of Fun; I love all of the elephant prints! I very much enjoy the colour range in this print, I don’t normally do purple but it is just enough for me to branch out of my normal colour palette without clashing with anything else.
It’s made from a flat French terry (a cotton/spandex blend)! It’s got an odd feeling in hand- it’s not quite cotton, it’s not quite spandex, it’s just something else. I don’t know that I would like it for exercise itself, but it’s perfect for travel and warm ups/cool downs. I do appreciate that it has a UPF 50+ rating- as a human being who can be burned by the sun, I will take any protection that I can get! (They also remind you to double up with sunscreen.)
Lily Pulitzer Tons of Fun popover folded
I went with a small, and I’ve got a lot of room in it. It’s not too big, it’s perfect for what I bought it for, but if I was planning on wearing it with jeans or for a more styled look in general, I would most likely go an XS. (A lot of Lilly items seem to require sizing down. Easy enough when you know what your sizes in the company are, but less so when you haven’t tried anything on for reference.)

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Tree Zipper Pull
The palm tree zipper pull is a nice touch!

I feel like I got a great deal on a brand new with tags popover! It’s more than I wanted to spend, but given that it is BNWT and a print that I love, I’m glad that I spent the extra money. I can’t say that I’m going to amass a huge collection, but this was a great investment for my casual wardrobe!
What is your favourite piece of clothing for travel? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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