History in the Making

History in the Making

My Style To-Do List, SS17

I have an overall list of Holes in My Closet that are items that I would eventually like to track down, and most likely invest in slowly. Much like Charlotte, I am really trying to limit my “fast fashion” buying and flipping through pieces. Instead of just wandering through the mall on a whim and seeing what catches my eye, I’m going to keep a list of specific pieces that I want and what I am willing to pay for it. The goal is not necessarily to save the most money but rather to end up with pieces that carefully chosen and will last! 

1. Large Le Pilage Tote in Navy, Longchamp
This retails in Canada for $190 CAD plus taxes, and I am okay with paying full price. I really do need a small weekender style bag for travel, and I think that this is perfect! I’ve been looking at Winners and Marshall’s for a Longchamp bag for over a year and a half now, and I’ve not found on in the size and strap length I want yet (large and long strap), let alone in a colour I want. I’ve done more research than one person should probably do on a simple nylon tote, and it’s a worthwhile investment for me! I think I will be ordering it from Holt Renfrew when it comes time. (I’ve linked it at Nordstrom here.)

Via Lilly’s Pinterest

2. Popover, Lilly Pulitzer
I’ve always admired Lilly! I’ve seen Alpha Gams further south wear it, and a few American friends who have managed to get it themselves. Charlotte has convinced me that I can pull it off, and I think that a popover would be perfect for me! It’s a simple athletic jacket, and I think it would be useful for both to and from dance class and travel. They retail for $98 USD, which comes in at $130-160 CAD depending on where you are getting it from and what taxes are being charged. Realistically, I am willing to pay up to $100 CAD with taxes and shipping, so I’m going to be keeping an eye out on some Facebook buy and sell groups for one in a blue and/or green print!
3. Striped Maritime Dress in Fresh Cream Red, J Crew Factory
If you didn’t see my Instagram post on Friday, I fully embraced J Crew’s new holiday, National Stripes Day! Stripes are essentially a neutral to me; they are always appropriate, and you can always make them work. This will be perfect for casual days at work, and for travel! I am the palest of pale and I typically go for more coverage rather than less. The three quarter length sleeves and knee length hem offer more skin coverage while not being dowdy or dated (not to mention making me look even shorter than I am…). This is currently listed at $52.50 USD on the website; with shipping/duties and the conversion rate, it hits just under $83 CAD- the perfect price!
What are you planning on picking up this summer? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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0 thoughts on “My Style To-Do List, SS17”

  • I love LongChamp bags! I’ve had two of the la pliage bags in pink, and I wore them both until they literally had holes in them and were discolored from use. That was my only issue with both of my LongChamp pieces, that they each lasted less than a year with near-daily usage. Maybe next time I get one I will be mindful to use it less.
    I really love the striped dress as well!! One can never have too many stripes!
    And of course, you know I love the Lilly ?

    • How did they discolour?? And is there a way to fix it? Looking at the price of it and how often I travel, I’m hoping for 4-5 years out of it if possible!
      There are a few Lilly weekender bags I’ve considered, but I think that they are too big for fitting under a plane seat!

      • To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure how my two LongChamps have discolored. It’s not as though I left them sitting in the sun all day or rubbed dirt all over them!
        The tears in the fabric, I can kind of understand — I mean, I will admit that I did have a habit of carrying LOADS of stuff like books. But the discoloration, I can’t really understand.
        I haven’t checked out the Lilly weekender bags! But yes, fitting under an airplane seat is a deal breaker!

  • I should really start a wish list type thing! I desperately need some summer clothes as my room here at uni is going to get too hot and eventually I’ll have to get out the shorts and strappy tops!

  • I need more flirty summery dresses that’s for sure. Weekender bags are amazing, and I got one on sale at Target. But most of the time – if it’s sorority – I just use the big boat bag that our emporium used to sell and that I embroidered my name on.
    Cute cotton tops are also one the list for sure!

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