Holes in My Wardrobe

I will fully admit- I first saw this on Franish, who is possibly one of the most organised people I’ve ever seen! I am sort of bad for seeing something on a blog or a store site, and then thinking, that would look great in my wardrobe! So, this is my attempt to take a full catalogue of my wardrobe, and really decide what items I would like long term. This is arranged by short term (2016) and long term (anywhere from 2-10 years).


Hunter Tour Rainboots in Red– Est. $200 CAD
I didn’t want to admit it, but regular hunters are heavy in a suitcase. While I wouldn’t want to use Tour boots all of the time, they would be incredibly helpful on trips to see M in Washington, and to Ireland/UK. I will be setting money aside for these, hopefully they come back in stock in a 6.


Bloch Prima Ballerina Flat in Black– Est $250 CAD
Bloch (and most dance companies) don’t have sales often, but I will keep my eye out. These would be the ideal black flats, but I will most likely start with a pair from Aldo.



Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats (Red or Blue)- Est. $400 CAD
I think these look fantastic, but until the Canadian dollar is stronger or there is a crazy sale, these will be far off in the future, unfortunately! They certainly look striking!


L.K. Bennett Samira Pump in Nude– Est. $500 CAD
Another item waiting for the market to change, or a sale! I have noticed L.K. Bennett shops at airports, which often have more sales, so I will keep an eye out when travelling. However, these are an investment piece that I will gladly wait until I am a financial position to acquire these.




2-in-1 Parka in Mesculen Green-Est. $130 CAD
I absolutely love the Gap now. This would be a great neutral coat for Spring/Fall here in Winnipeg, and for all of my travels. I often get 35 or 40% coupons from the Gap, I need to save and wait for one of those that works on outerware!


-Half and three quarter sleeve blouses in red, green, or blue- Est. $80 CAD (total)
-Floral print blouses- Est. $60



-Blue Duffle Coat, á la Paddington Bear- Est. $400 CAD
Enough said!


-Kate Spade Cardigan- Est. $200 CAD
I love these cardigans, but not currently in a position to spend $225 USD on a cardigan. Perhaps in the future I will catch a sale in my size!


-Black Cashmere Sweater- Est. $300 CAD
Wonderful for a work wardrobe

Burberry Short Double Wool Twill Trench Coat– Est $2000 CAD
This is clearly an investment piece that I am putting a timeline of 10-15 years on (seriously, it’s Burberry.)




Stripe in Lucky Skirt in Black and White– Est. $60 CAD
I will wait until this goes on sale again, and then nab it! Wonderful for work or casual, spring, summer, fall, or winter.



-Red Wool Plaid Skirt (no slit)- Est. $150 CAD




-Red Sheath Dress- Est. $80-100 CAD
I find sheath dresses to be a flattering shape for me, and red is still my favourite colour! This might end up being a long-term search, as it doesn’t look like sheath dresses are “in” at the moment.

Red Sheath Dress

-Kate Spade Dress in Red




-Nothing as of right now!


Kate Spade Julia Street Stripe Lyla Weekender– Est. $550 CAD


Mulberry Bayswater in Black Natural Leather with Brass– Est. $2,000 CAD
Another very long term investment piece for down the road! In the meantime, I plan on educating myself on handbags more so that I know what to look for!


What is your wardrobe strategy?? Do you keep a running list like this, or just shop when you feel like and see what catches your eye?? And please let me know if you have spotted any of these items!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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