3 Pairs of Statement Flats, Style File Friday

In this post Sex and the City world, countless women will swear by their Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos as they totter around trying to impress the world with their style prowess and red soles. I suppose that there is a certain amount of confidence that comes with heels, but I believe that the right shoes can give you confidence no matter what the height is. These are 3 of my favourite pairs of statement flats that are just as badass as any pair of heels, and make me power stride wherever I go!

3 Pairs ofStatement Flats

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Brighton Crossbody, Style File Friday

If you are anything like me, or live anywhere like Winnipeg, you may be slightly hard on your handbags. My holy grail handbags are doing well, but my other bags get beat up after a while. With how cold Winnipeg is (-45°C in the winter, anyone??) and being on the go a lot of the time, I seem to go through purses faster than I would like. However, I recently received the perfect crossbody for me, and it’s more durable than I think most cars are these days. If you need something to stand up to unknown forces, read on!

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Style Saturday- 3 September 2016

This Style Saturday is devoted to the second half of my Kate Spade outlet purchases! I have to say, on the whole, I was incredibly restrained in my purchases-especially given the whole 60% +20% dealio. Like I said last week, I was really interested in picking up accessories, necklaces in particular. Kate Spade has some truly adorable retail necklaces, but I’m not overly interested in spending $80+ USD on an everyday necklace. I spent a good amount of my time in the shop comparing different necklaces and deciding which I would actually get use out of. I think I made some great choices!  Unfortunately, there aren’t any similar necklaces on the Kate Spade site. If you aren’t able to get to an outlet, I would recommend waiting for a surprise sale, as they generally have a few different pieces of jewellery that aren’t quite as “statement piece” as the retail necklaces.  Continue reading

Style Saturday, 27 August 2016

Style Saturday is back!! While it’s only been two weeks without it, it feels nice to come back to it. Style Saturday was one of the first posts on my blog, and it’s the longest running “series” (if you will) here on An Historian About Town! This week is two of my new favourite pieces, so of course, they are… Kate Spade! These pieces are both from the outlet/surprise sale, but I have linked a similar piece from the regular Kate Spade site if the outlet piece wasn’t available.  Continue reading

Style Saturday: 30 April 2016

Ahhhh, to finally be able to fill out my professional wardrobe! As I’ve said in the past, I’ve really been focusing on acquiring good quality clothing for my career that will last me years. I’ve been spending a great deal of time in RW & Co lately (as seen in last week’s Style Saturday), and I have two savings’ passes (Spend $100, Save $50- So, I will get $200 of clothes for $100). So, what have I found? Continue reading

Style Saturday- April 22, 2016

Hello, hello! This is now a time in my wardrobe with a new piece here and there, and usually for a reason (hopefully not just “because I want it” but we will see…). I am trying my hardest to buy pieces that a) work with many items in my wardrobe, and b) don’t look incredibly similar to something I already have. I am also starting to factor in cost-per-wear- look at me being all adulty! Continue reading

DIY: Odour Removal

This past Style Saturday, I featured a Kate Spade purse I bought off of resell group! To elaborate a bit more on it, when M opened it up, a ton of glitter fell out. I’m not sure why the seller put glitter in it (I would like to think I was a good buyer, I paid immediately), but they did. And when I opened the envelope from M, the smell of Bath and Bodyworks body spray was overwhelming. Given that it is a leather purse, I was a little concerned. However, after much googling, I came up with a plan of attack!  Continue reading

Style Saturday: 9 April 2016

Once again, it’s a Kate Spade week here on Style Saturday 🙂 These are both green, one of my favourite colours! (Red and green don’t seem to appear in Kate Spade items as often as I would like, for some reason. Less pink, more red please!) Green seems very appropriate for the spring 🙂 I can’t find the exact items anymore but I have linked them in different colours! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 2 April 2016

Now that we are firmly entrenched in Spring, I can come out of hibernation! I have started going out more, and without my bulky mitts/scarves/toques, I don’t need to lug a huge purse along with me!! Some of these might be repeats, but I absolutely love all of these wallets and coin purses, and now that I’m slimming down my purse they are coming in handy! Continue reading

Style Saturday- 26 March 2016

This week is one new small item, and one present I received! I feel very fortunate right now, and am enjoying spring to the best of my ability. Style Saturday, here we go!  Continue reading