6 Smart Ways to Shop Sale Emails, Style File Friday

I think that in 2018, all of us receive more retail related emails than we could ever hope to read in the rest of our life, and they still keep coming. While I think that all of us need to work on becoming conscious purchasers- me, included!- and need to reframe our ways of thinking- cheap shouldn’t be the only factor -, these promotional emails can help you save some money on what could otherwise be quite an expensive item. However, these emails can quickly become overwhelming and enticing, and can really cloud your shopping judgement if you let them. These are 6 easy ways to shop sale emails the smart way!

6 Smart Ways to Shop Sale Emails

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What is Your Shopping Strategy? Style File Friday

Shopping- quite literally a mixed bag for most of us. Some of us love shopping, some of us loathe shopping, some of us avoid it like the plague, and some of us embrace it like breathing. Emotions, finances, stress, time, and countless other factors can affect our shopping experience, but taking a methodical and organised approach to shopping can help improve the experience, lead to a more cohesive wardrobe, and possibly even save you money (and time)!

What is Your Shopping Strategy_

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3 Books on the Background of Style

As part of my 2018 Style Resolutions, I am trying to give myself as complete a style education as possible- I firmly believe that if you are passionate about something, you should educate yourself and learn as much as you possibly can. I have started with style and the industry itself; whether we like it or not, the fashion industry plays a role in all of our lives and our identities, and it is near impossible to escape it. And although we all take part, most of us live in ignorance of the bigger picture! Yes, we all know and acknowledge that sweatshops and barely-paid labour are a part of fashion, but most just push it to the side and leave it there. It is time for us to inform ourselves and play an active role in our choices, and information is the first step to style!

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An Intro to Buying Designer on eBay, Style File Friday

Although Ebay has been around for decades, I think that a lot of us forget that it’s ever there. For me personally, I don’t like auction-style purchases- I don’t like getting my hopes up on an item and then losing it, and I also don’t like knowing the cost of an item. However, a few of the bigger lifestyle and fashion bloggers that I follow have been promoting eBay and as a Canadian, it could very well give me access to brands that I normally can’t purchase. In line with my style resolution to take more risks, I decided to take a chance and buy my next handbag on eBay! I’m sharing my tips and tricks to tackling it.

An Introduction to Buying Designer on eBay

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Christmas Prep: Craft Sales 

I know that a lot of us think of online shopping and Amazon and malls and outlet centres when we think of holiday shopping, but there are still other alternatives to getting your holiday shopping done. While I plan on making some of my gifts myself (DIY posts to come), there are somethings that I’m just not talented enough to make myself. Enter: the craft sale. I will admit to being that person who thinks that they are for moms and grandmas, but I am eating my words (and thoughts I suppose)! Today I’m sharing my craft sale experience and tips…

ChristmasCraft Sales

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Rant: Shipping North of the 49

Hello, all! Everyone seemed very on board for a rant post, so I figured that I may as well give the people what they want- rant numero uno, coming up! For those of you who are new to the blog, I am Canadian. I know that people often expect Canadians to be polite, easy going, and quiet but today I refuse to be silent any longer!

Shipping to Canada, A Rant

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Tips to Prepare for Outlet Shopping

Without a doubt, my Retail vs. Outlet- Worth It? post is my most popular, followed closely by Alternatives to Outlet Stores! Judging from the number of views of the posts, the number of people posting about outlet sales in my Facebook groups, and the popularity of outlet and off-price shopping, a lot of us are interested in outlet and off-price shopping. I find that preparing for shopping at an outlet is a different process than when I am shopping at a regular retail store. I am sure that a lot of people will see no difference, but I find that altering the way that I approach shopping for outlets has led to more enjoyable shopping, and more importantly, more successful shopping. So, what are my tips?

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Alternatives to Outlet Stores

I recently posted about the differences between buying designer labels at retail stores and at outlet stores, but those aren’t the only ways to find your dream items! Thankfully the modern world has provided us with alternatives to physical stores. Continue reading

Holes in My Wardrobe

I will fully admit- I first saw this on Franish, who is possibly one of the most organised people I’ve ever seen! I am sort of bad for seeing something on a blog or a store site, and then thinking, that would look great in my wardrobe! So, this is my attempt to take a full catalogue of my wardrobe, and really decide what items I would like long term. This is arranged by short term (2016) and long term (anywhere from 2-10 years).
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Retail vs Outlet- Worth it?

The whole topic of buying retail as opposed to buying outlet is certainly popular right now. CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) recently aired a piece on the question of quality in outlet stores. It is not so straightforward as to be, “it’s all terrible, or it’s all quality”- but that seems to be the approach that most people take. Because I have enough of it to compare, my examples will come from Kate Spade! (Also, feel free to read my related posts, Alternatives to Outlet Stores and Tips to Prepare for Outlet Shopping!) Continue reading