Longchamp Le Pliage Review, Style File Friday

If you remember my Style To-Do List from April, you will recall that I had a Longchamp tote on it! Because I travel as much as I do, I knew that it would be solid investment (that I have been eyeing up for years). Everyone swears by them but I debated for the better part of two years if it would be worth it to invest that much in a simple canvas tote bag. I finally decided to go through it as that much time spent thinking on it has to mean something. Now that I’ve spent some time with it, I’m sharing my thoughts and review!

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My Style To-Do List, SS17

I have an overall list of Holes in My ClosetΒ that are items that I would eventually like to track down, and most likely invest in slowly. Much like Charlotte, I am really trying to limit my “fast fashion” buying and flipping through pieces. Instead of just wandering through the mall on a whim and seeing what catches my eye, I’m going to keep a list of specific pieces that I want and what I am willing to pay for it. The goal is not necessarily to save the most money but rather to end up with pieces that carefully chosen and will last!Β  Continue reading