When An Historian Travels Tag…

Shop Girl Anonymous has very, very kindly nominated me for a travel tag! This tag means a lot to me, as she is one of my favourite bloggers to follow and read- I have become a much more critical and engaged consumer, and I pay a lot more attention to the stores and websites I use. Jess has such a great voice and is so engaged with her readers, if you haven’t read her blog you should take a few moments to do that right now…

You’re back? Wonderful! Today’s tag is all about how and where you travel, and what you look for. I hope you enjoy travelling with me today…

An Historian Travels....


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Banff Cemetery Walk, Travel Thursday

Being the historian and nerd that I am, of course I sought out some way to learn more of the history of Banff. I’ve already been to the Banff Museum and I wanted to find more of the organic history of the town. While I am not overly interested in Canadian history (far too new for me), I do find the history of mountain and railroad towns quite fascinating- the elite classes of these towns led interesting and complicated lives that are often swept up into the history of the railroad and the mines. So, one afternoon we set out to learn a little more about Banff!

Old Banff Cemetery Walk

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Fairmont Banff Springs, Travel Monday

I know that my travel posts are typically on Thursdays, but I don’t want to “drag out” my Banff posts for a month or more to only post on Thursdays! So, here is a Travel Monday post that I hope you enjoy. While my Travel Thursday post was all about my afternoon tea experience at the Fairmont, I spent some time wandering about the hotel before and after. I decided to do a separate post to showcase the rest of the hotel and my time there, so I hope you enjoy!

Fairmont Banff Springs

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Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Banff Springs, Travel Thursday

If you read my Banff To-Do List a couple weeks ago, you will know that taking afternoon tea at the Fairmont Banff Springs was at the top of my list! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, and it was certainly worth the wait. If you ever happen to find yourself in Banff, you need to spend an hour or two enjoying some wonderful tea and delicious food. You will have some of the best views in the town, five star service, and a peaceful oasis away from the bustle of travel.

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Snapshot Saturday, 6 May 2017

Today is our last day in Banff (we are leaving early tomorrow morning) but we are having such a wonderful trip. The weather is beautiful, the mountains are clear, and the dogs are happy! We couldn’t ask for anything more. There will certainly be more posts coming on our Banff trip so you can see everything, but for now, here is a small snippet: Continue reading

Banff To-Do List, Travel Thursday

At the beginning of May, I will be heading back to Banff with my dad and brother again- resident dog petter and walker, at your service! While I love just being there and relaxing in such a gorgeous setting, there are a few things that are on my to-do list for this trip. Most of what I plan to do is enjoy the fresh air, get ahead on the blog, and crack through my reading list but I’m going to share a few local to-dos that are at the top of my list!

Banff To-Do List,Travel Thursday

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Travel Thursday, Accepting Your Pictures

You’ve spent hours and hours researching your destination on Instagram, Pinterest, and countless travel blogs. You’ve saved up a small fortune by cutting everywhere possible. You’ve packed and unpacked your suitcase enough times to earn the title of Tetris master. You’ve made it through the waiting game of air travel and flight delays, and you’ve actually made it to your destination, miracle of miracles! You’re there, you’re excited, you’re wandering around and discovering all of those places that you’ve only seen through a location tag on Instagram and then! You take selfies and pictures galore and then…

Accepting Your Pictures

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Things to Consider When You Book a Flight, Travel Thursday

A big thanks to Charlotte from Mosaicca for suggesting this topic! It’s one of those things that people don’t always consider when they are booking a flight- when should I book my flights in the day? Do I leave early in the morning arrive with part of a day left but potentially no energy left to do anything, or leave later in the day in time to go to bed? The rush of grabbing a flight on sale supersedes everything for most people, but there are more things to consider. So, here are my tips on picking the optimal time for a flight! Continue reading

How to Choose Your Destination, Travel Thursday

Travel has become more and more affordable (though not necessarily cheap), and more of us are able to set aside the time and money to enjoy it. One of the worst aspects, though, is when you have built up your hopes and you’ve been daydreaming about that one place non-stop only to be disappointed upon your arrival. I’ve done enough travelling now to be able to make better choices about where to go and what to do when I’m there; I think it comes both from travel experience and just getting to know myself more! Today, I’m going to share my own travel wisdom and help you get your travel right from the very beginning.  Continue reading

Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace, Travel Thursday

If you don’t know, Kensington Palace is my favourite place on earth. It’s the home of one of my favourite periods in English royal history (the Georgian period), it’s a beautiful place to visit, it’s the home of my style icons (the Duchess of Cambridge), and they have some fantastic exhibitions. A new exhibition has just opened up, Diana: Her Fashion Story, which focuses on the style exhibition of Diana, Princess of Wales. While I was visiting Kensington in the summer of 2013, there was an exhibition on the fashion of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, and Diana, Princess of Wales. Today’s post is about my favourite pieces from Fashion Rules, the exhibition!


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