Christmas Travel List, Travel Thursday

Normally I try to focus on places I have been (or will be going shortly) for my Travel Thursday posts; however, this one is going to be slightly different! I like to be at home with friends and family for the holiday season, and enjoying our snowy traditions. (Definitely going to have to go up into the mountains when I’m in Seattle…) However, there are some holiday destinations that I would love to see and will probably pick away at these over the years. This is my dream Christmas travel list that I will one day be able to complete!

Christmas Travel List

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The Shoebox Project… My Favourite Time of the Year!

My favourite time of the year is the holiday season, mostly because I think that it is a warm and cozy time of year that rejuvenates all of us in some way or another. However, there are many people who might not have a support system or family of any sort there for them. I think that the number one most important aspect of the holidays is giving back and paying it forward, and The Shoebox Project is a fantastic way to do that. Women in need are often left in the shadows, and this is the perfect way to reach out and help!

The Shoebox Project

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Preparing for the Holidays… Part II, Early November

Now that Halloween is past, the holiday season is getting into the full swing of things slowly. Whether you are in the US and awaiting Thanksgiving still, or somewhere else, the winter holiday season is approaching and we are all getting busier whether we like it or not. If you celebrate Christmas, you’ve got less than 60 days to find and make gifts, clean and decorate, organise get togethers, and who knows what else. This is a check-list for what you can tackle now to stay organised and on top of everything because the intense craziness sets in!

Christmas Prep Guide- Early November

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Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians (and anyone else who wishes to celebrate)! Although a lot of the world thinks that Canada and the US do everything together, our Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, instead of the fourth Thursday of November, and that is today!! Time to enjoy a cornucopia of different foods and sink into a food coma that is worthy of the longest nap possible. I thought I would share what exactly we have for Thanksgiving dinner, as there is a wide variety in what people actually have!

Canadian Thanksgiving, Make It Monday

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Preparing for the Holidays… Part I, September

I know, I know, I will have pumpkins and leaves and scarves thrown at me with screams of “IT’S STILL FALL, HALLOWEEN HASN’T EVEN HAPPENED” but depending on how big your holiday celebrations are, you may have to start getting the wheels in motion now. There are less than 90 days until Christmas day, and putting in a little bit of time now makes the world of difference in eliminating some of the heavy-duty stress later on- you can do things at your own pace rather than running around Christmas at the Kranks style.

Holiday Prep,Part I,- September

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Planning For Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day, a creation of Leslie Knopes, is a day to celebrate your friendships and enjoy your time with your girlfriends. While I do think that the world has far too many “holidays” that aren’t actually holidays, I love that we finally are coming around to a day to celebrate with your friends! I don’t think that you need to pull a Lesli and cross stitch a pillow of newspaper headlines for your friends, but I think that between now and February 13, you can make some plans for you and your girlfriends for a worthwhile evening!


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Holiday Party Checklist

Yes, it’s only October and Halloween has yet to arrive (and Thanksgiving for my American readers), but holiday party planning usually needs to start before the actual season. Although holiday parties don’t need to be overly formal and elaborate events, a little bit of forethought and planning can go a long way to smoothing out the planning process and making for a fun party! This post will help you get ahead for your party planning while keeping the work to a minimum. The checklist will help you stay on track and organised while the holiday season gets chaotic and busy! (Also, thinking about warm and cozy holiday parties will help you get through the autumn transition to winter with cold weather, potential snow, and dreary skies.) To the party planning! Continue reading

Favourite Places, Fenland Loop (Banff)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Banff; it was peaceful, relaxing, and a chance to get out into nature again! Banff is bigger than some of the other mountain towns but you are never terribly far from nature when you want it. Because Loki and I mostly relaxed in the hotel room while my dad and brother were skiing, we knew we wanted to take him on a longer hike in the afternoon. It wasn’t raining at all, and was a perfect 14°C!

Fenland Loop, Banff,Travel Thursday

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Packing for Banff!

Early, early, early on Friday morning, we are heading out for Banff. My brother and dad are going to tackle driving the whole 13 hours while Loki and I read and be adorable in the back seat. I need to make sure that I am entirely ready to go and packed for Thursday morning, as I have a few appointments on Thursday night! So, how do you plan for a May Long weekend in the Rockies?
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Favourite Places, Hampton Court Palace

M and I decided to take a day trip to Hampton Court Palace last minute on our trip to London in July 2013. We weren’t quite sure what to do with our last day in London, and we knew we wanted to venture out a tad. Enter: a Royal palace to explore. Obviously Hampton Court Palace is well known for Henry VIII’s time there, but it actually wasn’t his to begin with.

Hampton CourtPalace,Travel Thursday

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