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Favourite Place, Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher was the first “big” sight I saw when I was in Ireland! I was lucky enough to have my dad come with me for a week when I moved to Dublin for my Masters, and we decided to take a trip out west. I was unsure if it could really be as beautiful as it looks in the photos. I will let you decide for yourself! If you haven’t seen the west coast of Ireland, you must include it on your next trip…

Cliffs of Moher, IE

Other than the trip with my dad, I went with my best friend when she visited from Berlin in October. When I went with my dad, it was bright and sunny and clear! It was the opposite with Tiffany- rainy, foggy, and windy as all get up. However, I feel like I have really experienced the Cliffs now. Rain or shine, they will amaze you!

The drive out there was interesting for me; I loved being able to see the rest of the country that I would call home. I found it interesting how small the farms were, compared to Canadian farms. (It seems much less massive and automated, still personal, in Ireland.) I spotted this cottage in one of the towns on the way there, my dream would be to live there! Perhaps a fiver a week will achieve that, haha.

Irish Cottage

The first thing I noticed was O’Brien’s Tower. It is a bit of walk up all of the stairs- a narrow and round staircase- but really gives you an idea of what it was like to live and work in a round tower.

O'Brien's Tower Cliffs of Moher

Once I came back down, I finally took notice of the cliffs and ocean. It is a bit astounding to someone who lives on the prairies. I live with the knowledge that for thousands and thousands of kilometres, there are fields. Maybe some slight, rolling hills if it gets crazy. And then finally the mountains. The ocean is rather unfathomable to me, as it seems to never end.

Cliffs of Moher MeCliffs of Moher 4

When we got closer to the small cove, a few things stuck out. There is a piece of rock jutting out of the water, somehow still surviving. I should hope that no boat hits it! There is also a small beach. Apparently people surf out on the west coast- after seeing the waves, I can understand it but my fear of water stops me from ever wanting to actually partake….

Cliffs of Moher IslandCliffs of Moher 1Cliffs of Moher Beach

The Cliffs really are stunning- that sharp and intimidating rock face meeting a never-ending ocean. And although on one hand feels quite lonely and barren, it is so green and lush. I’m only sad that I’ve yet to see any puffins in Ireland! (One day, it will happen.)

Cliffs of Moher Landscape

One feature of County Clare that we found quietly interesting are the stone fences- because stones are everywhere in the Burren, farmers used them for fences. They are withstanding, and blend into the landscape itself.

Cliffs of Moher 2

An absolutely wonderful spot to visit! It is one of my favourite places on the west coast (Kylemore Abbey is the other- that will be up in this series in the next few weeks!), and I would recommend a trip out there. I’m thankful for being able to see it in person 🙂

Cliffs of Moher 3

What natural sight has amazed you? Have you been to the Cliffs of Moher?

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11 thoughts on “Favourite Place, Cliffs of Moher”

  • I need to get to Ireland!!! It’s on my bucket list. I get suckered in by England every time I’m over that way, but I really need to make time to get to Ireland. I love those steep cliffs above the water; it’s so beautiful. Have you read the Irish Country Doctor series by Patrick Taylor? It doesn’t take place near the ocean, but it does take place in the adorable fictitious village of Ballybucklebo in rural Northern Ireland in the 1960s. I love this series — I’ve read every book in it. A new one just published and I’m so excited to read it! Since you love history, and since you loved Ireland, you should give this series a try! 🙂

    • You really do need to visit Ireland- it is so rich in history!! (A very different history, but just as fascinating!) I loved being able to live there for a year, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity 🙂 And I actually haven’t read the Patrick Taylor series! I keep meaning to sit down and start it but then another book catches my eye haha (#bookmagpie)! I do hope to read the first one soon! And I have the cookbook to try a few things from, maybe over the holiday break!

    • Definitely go! England has so much but so do Ireland and Scotland (if you haven’t gotten there either, well worth a visit too). If you need suggestions let us know. 🙂 I spent 3wks travelling around Ireland and still didn’t hit everything (I used buses- pubic transportation). A car can be really useful.

      • The only warning I have about cars in Ireland/ the UK is that if you can’t drive standard (aka manual), you will pay more for an automatic and may not actually be able to rent a car if one isn’t available. I wouldn’t recommend learning standard while also driving on the opposite side!

  • I loved the Cliffs!! I was lucky that the day I went (on a day tour) was sunny. Soooo pretty. There was only a bit of mist if I remember correctly and otherwise pure sun and a bit of clouds. Perfect weather to see everything. Can’t remember all the natural sights that I loved to see but in the Orkney Isles there were quite a few.

    • I was lucky- this trip was super sunny and clear, but the next visit was windy enough to push me around and so foggy! I loved everything I saw on the Aran Islands, as well- it was my trip there that made me want to visit the Orkney Isles!

  • Sounds lovely! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland but not got there yet. For some reason, the pictures aren’t showing up for me so I’m just going off your description. 😐

    • Thank you so much for letting me know- do you know which browser and device you were on? I’m going to test it with my host!! And you certainly need to take a trip there!!

  • Wonderful country describe by an historian of towns, whose writings give me same envying. Great thanks. I like to translate a family book about our homelands

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