Second Look in London, Travel Thursday

As I’m sure everyone can guess from my Travel Thursday posts, I love London! It’s historical and modern and fun and peaceful and exciting and diverse and there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter who or what they are interested in. Sure, it is an expensive city and it will cost your wallet dearly, but I think that it is more than worth it. While there is always something new to find in London, I think that there is also something lovely about returning to something familiar. This week’s post is about a couple of spots in London that I would love the chance to go back to again!

A Second Look at London, Travel Thursday in London, England

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Travel Thursday, Fort Casey and Fort Ebey

Port Townsend was my last full day in Washington, and we were actually able to hit a few different spots throughout the day. I’ve come to realise that Washington is full of many, many state parks. I have also come to realise that Washington’s history is actually pretty diverse than what I originally thought- not just a later developing west coast area, but rather rich with military and maritime history. It doesn’t hurt that most of these parks are gorgeous forests with spectacular ocean views… While I wouldn’t spend a whole day in either of these parks (if you are outdoorsy, you might), it was wonderful to take some time to see what they were about!

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Travel Thursday, Port Townsend

On the last day of my trip to see M, we took the ferry over to Port Townsend to see it. Every single person who had been there told me that I absolutely had to visit if I had the chance, and I’m glad that I listened to everyone! It is a beautiful and picturesque sea-side town that has a charm and peace not often found. The town was officially founded by Americans in 1851, and grew rapidly for the next few decades. Growth petered off in the 1890s. As such, much of the surviving original architecture is in the Victorian style so prominent during the town’s growth and prosperity. We stayed on the main street, but I would love to explore more of the town whenever I have a chance to go back!  Continue reading

Favourite Places, Fenland Loop (Banff)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Banff; it was peaceful, relaxing, and a chance to get out into nature again! Banff is bigger than some of the other mountain towns but you are never terribly far from nature when you want it. Because Loki and I mostly relaxed in the hotel room while my dad and brother were skiing, we knew we wanted to take him on a longer hike in the afternoon. It wasn’t raining at all, and was a perfect 14°C!

Fenland Loop, Banff,Travel Thursday

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When Loki and I strolled to Moose and Squirrel

Although it rained for most of our Banff trip, it was beautiful on the first morning while the boys were away skiing. I mean, sun shining, birds singing, grass green as can be beautiful. Loki was getting a little restless, and we needed to be away from the room for at least half an hour for the cleaning women. Enter: walkies!  Continue reading

Favourite Places, St. James’ Pub (Banff)

Everyone in my family always raves about St James’ Pub in Banff. I was skeptical- I lived in Dublin for a year, you don’t really find better pubs than Dublin. We headed straight here after we checked into our hotel on the Friday night of the long weekend! After a 14 hour drive, it was lovely to take a bit of a walk down the strip to get to the pub. Continue reading

The Perfect Travel Gift?

If you are like me, you like to find gifts for people when you travel! However, that can be expensive, confusing to decide on something, and difficult to fit in your suitcase when you go home. However, after many, many trips, I have finally found a good gift for friends…. Continue reading

Favourite Places, (a tiny bit of) Banff

As you probably know, I just got back from a 5 day trip to Banff! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park was originally created as a getaway for people wanting to partake in the hot springs in Sulphur Mountain. The town slowly developed, along with a few mines. It is now known mostly for the amazing skiing! Continue reading

A Quick Update from Banff!


We are here and enjoying the beautiful weather! Loki and I went on a fantastic walk, met a beagle, and did not get tans (because I always wear sunscreen, and well, he’s a husky). There is some fog/clouding on the peaks, but what a view!

What are you doing with your Saturday?

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