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Second Look in London, Travel Thursday

As I’m sure everyone can guess from my Travel Thursday posts, I love London! It’s historical and modern and fun and peaceful and exciting and diverse and there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter who or what they are interested in. Sure, it is an expensive city and it will cost your wallet dearly, but I think that it is more than worth it. While there is always something new to find in London, I think that there is also something lovely about returning to something familiar. This week’s post is about a couple of spots in London that I would love the chance to go back to again!
A Second Look at London, Travel Thursday in London, England

St. Pancras International Hotel
When I first laid eyes on St. Pancras, I figured it was simply a gorgeous train station that was a relic of times gone by where rail travel was the peak of luxury. However, my cousin told me that this was a newly refurbished hotel and the dreams quickly came together in my head! Yes, I love historical buildings as much as the next person, but when you take the look of a historical building and combine it with modern luxuries, you have stolen my heart. M and I take the opportunity to travel by train int he UK whenever we can; it’s easier than air travel, more comfortable, and much more relaxed. Factor in the possibility of ending my rail journey in a hotel like this, and I will gladly ride trains for the rest of my life.
In my dream world, I would begin by shopping at the luxury travel boutique in the lobby, and then relax in a Superior King room- can you stay in anything other than a Superior King room?? The amenities are staggering, the location could not be more perfect, the building itself is gorgeous, and while the room is £269 per night, I feel like the rest and relaxation that would come about would be more than worth it! I can’t say that I wouldn’t pretend to be living the Downton life while I am staying there, though…
St Pancras Station Hotel Entrance
St Pancras Hotel Long Shot
St Pancras Hotel Entrance Curve
I know that Harrods is a London cliche, but as a shopper it is a miracle! I have visited the store twice but I could certainly spend a few more days there. First off, when you look at the actual store, it’s gorgeous and looks like it could also be a luxury hotel. In case you aren’t familiar with Harrods, it is a luxury goods store that began as a decidedly English store but from what I know is now actually more frequented by tourists and everyone but the English… When you walk in off of the street, you will most likely either be in the accessories department or the food hall. To start with, you will pass by one of the doormen who look quite sharp but could probably take you out should the need arise.  Then you will lay eyes on the actual goods. The accessories department is made up of tiny areas for each brand, allowing each shopper to easily locate their chosen companies! My goal is to eventually buy myself a Mulberry bag from Harrods but that will probably come about when I win the lottery. If you move on over to the food hall, you will find anything you are looking for, although with a specific price point…. There is a bronzed pig statue in it that is possibly one of the most fantastic bronzes I’ve seen, and I don’t even eat pork. You can see in photos below all of the details in the architecture of the store- the ceiling is so ornate without being distracting.
Right beside the food hall you can find the souvenir area of Harrods- WITH. SO. MANY. WESTIES. For realsies, they are everywhere! Westies, red buses, tea, biscuits- quintessential UK items with the Harrods name. I bought myself tea and shortbread (more for the tins if I’m admitting the truth), and my mom bought me the most fantastic westie tote bag on her last trip to London. Once you head upstairs, you will find clothing! I only went to the women’s areas, but there was pretty much every single luxury brand that you could want to find (aside from Kate Spade…). Perhaps one day I will be so lucky as to find myself able to buy a gown from Harrods, IF I’m lucky enough to have an event to wear it to!
Harrods Exterior Canadian Flag
Harrods Exterior Long Shot
Harrods Exterior Red Bus
Harrods Food Hall Ceiling

Harrods Food Hall Bronze Pig
The most interesting box of chocolates you will ever find, covered by the bird version of Elizabeth I! I’m still regretting not buying these, if I framed this it could be an amazing conversation starter.

Harrods Food Hall Elizabeth I Chocolate
Where would you like to go back to for a second look? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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