What to Watch For in the Royal Wedding

This Saturday, the world will watch as Prince Henry of Wales marries Ms. Megan Markle in the biggest royal event in the past few years! (I refuse to say it is the wedding of the century, because that happened on 29 April 2011…) As usual, I will be waking up before dawn to watch the entire proceedings from start to finish, and I’m pretty excited to see a royal wedding take place at Windsor Castle. If you are new to the whole royal watching event deal, there are a few things to certainly watch out for throughout the wedding…

What to Watch forat the Royal Wedding

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Reading Royal: 4 Books to Get You Excited for the Royal Wedding

Unless you have been living somewhere incredibly remote, or actively working to avoid hearing any news, you will know that former actress Meghan Markle is marrying Prince Harry on Saturday, 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle. While I don’t think that it will be quite the event that William and Catherine’s wedding was but it is still going to be fairly big news wise. I for one will be waking up before dawn to watch the whole wedding (and potentially live blogging and/or Instagram storying it, stay tuned for more info), and am incredibly excited to watch. Today I am recommending 4 books to get you ready for the upcoming royal wedding!

4 Books to Get You Excited for the Royal Wedding

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The Royal Wedding, 6 Years On….

On 29 April 2011, Catherine Middleton married Prince William of Wales, whereupon they were granted the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (which is what they are known by today). For a lot of Royalists, it is the most important Royal event of the twenty first century! It was the first big Royal event (other than Diana’s funeral) for me, and I will always have a fond memory of the day.

The Royal Wedding

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Travel Thursday, Kensington Gardens

Kensington Palace is associated with a few different royals, including Queen Anne and Queen Victoria. However, in recent memory it is most strongly associated with Diana, Princess of Wales! If you ever have the chance to visit, I recommend that you wander all around the Palace and gardens as you will see the gates where all of the flowers and gifts were left after her passing and the Sunken Garden which is currently transformed in honour of her memory!

Kensington Gardens,Travel Thursday (1)

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RepliKates, Style File Friday

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of my favourite style icons, I’ve adored her style from the very beginning! While I love tracking it and follow several different royal style blogs, unfortunately for me, she has a very different body type than I do. If I could, I would track down repliKates for ninety percent of what she wears, but alas- much of it would not look great on me. Still, I do try to find what I can, and today’s three pieces are my favourite repliKates in my wardrobe!

RepliKates, Style File Friday

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Being a Royalist From Birth

If you are a newer follower (Hello! Welcome to my blog! ), you might not know that I am a fierce Royalist. I inherited my grandparents love of the British Royal Family and have carried that love and fascination into adulthood- biographies, movies, souvenirs, documentaries, and more time on Pinterest than I should admit to. I don’t limit my fascination to any one dynasty or period, from the Tudors to the Windsors, I’ll learn and read about any of it! I love celebrating the spring with a few royal biographies, a re-watch of the 2011 Royal Wedding, and a fantastic tea. This is a brief introduction for everyone else!

Being a Royalist From Birth

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Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace, Travel Thursday

If you don’t know, Kensington Palace is my favourite place on earth. It’s the home of one of my favourite periods in English royal history (the Georgian period), it’s a beautiful place to visit, it’s the home of my style icons (the Duchess of Cambridge), and they have some fantastic exhibitions. A new exhibition has just opened up, Diana: Her Fashion Story, which focuses on the style exhibition of Diana, Princess of Wales. While I was visiting Kensington in the summer of 2013, there was an exhibition on the fashion of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, and Diana, Princess of Wales. Today’s post is about my favourite pieces from Fashion Rules, the exhibition!


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An Historian About… The Audience

This past weekend I was lucky enough to see The Audience, produced and staged by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre! I’m so happy that my family enjoys going to theatre and dance and musical productions, I think that the arts are good for the soul. And while Winnipeg is not necessarily the most happening of cities, companies like the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet help us hold our ground as a culturally important city. We’ve been looking forward to this play since last winter when it was announced it would be in this season’s line up, and it did not disappoint…. Continue reading

Changing of the Guard at Buck House,Travel Thursday

In honour of The Crown, this week’s Travel Thursday is all about the home of the Queen herself, Buckingham Palace. While you may sneak a peek inside if you happen to be visiting London during a few key weeks when the State Rooms are actually open, most of us are stuck on the outside. You could just wander about outside of the gates, but you will most likely go there to see the Changing of the Guard. Dependent on weather and where the Sovereign happens to be at the moment, you may have the chance to witness this staple of Royal life.  Continue reading