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Style File Friday, 5 Tips for Resale Boards

Resell boards are pretty popular nowadays- they are a great way to buy affordable and hard-to-find items that you might otherwise not be to. You can find them for pretty much every brand and geographic location, if you are willing to spend a little time poking around. However, there rules and methods to using each board and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. I am here to help and pass on my experience! This post is going to focus on Facebook resell groups because they are accessible to anyone who has Facebook.
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1) Find Your “Starter” Groups
I know that it seems straightforward to find a resell group on Facebook, but it turns out a lot of resell groups are hidden and/or not quite named what you would think. I would recommend starting out your Facebook resell adventure by finding your “starter” group- they are usually large (thousands of members), dedicated to one brand, and easy to find. Once you get into these groups, you will notice people mentioning other groups that you can then ask to be invited into or track down yourself. I find that the secret groups are often far more civil!
Lilly Pulitzer BST screenshot
2) Look for Limits
If you aren’t American (or if you are and you are looking for a European/Asian/African brand), you need to make sure that the group supports selling outside of the US. Some groups are US only, North America only, UK only, etc, and it does you no good to keep searching in a group that you can’t buy from. Thankfully, most boards tend to stick with Paypal. A lot of American sellers like to use Venmo (I’m guessing there is no fee) but that only works if you have a US bank account- check to see that you can work within the group’s payment options.
Lilly BST Rules
3) Pay attention to specific rules and guidelines
Almost all boards have a rules post stickied to the top of the group or a document in the Files section outlining what you can and cannot do. Some groups will let you post an “ISO” (In Search Of) post when you are looking for something, while others will have a thread that you can comment on with your ISOs. One group allows for comments on price and offers, while another goes with the “if you don’t like it, look away” route. I routinely have to check the rules of the group that I am in to make sure I don’t make a mistake, and I’ve been in these groups for years- depending on the group, one violation can see you banned.
Kate Spade Re-Sell Group Screenshot
4) Everyone is in the Same Groups
Remember, everyone is in the same Kate Spade groups, the same Lilly Pulitzer groups, the same Lululemon groups. People remember when things go well or don’t, if you got a particularly good deal on an item, or if group admins had to track you down. If I see you buy a pair of shorts for $30, I will probably ignore your post when you turn around and try to resell them for $220. Holy grail or not, pass your deals on. If you do happen to disregard this piece of advice, don’t be surprised if you happen to receive the cold shoulder from members from something that happened in another group.
Winnipeg Lululemon Market Screenshot
5) Things Are Cross Posted
I find that it depends on the brand, but cross posting is very common. I often see the same person post their items in 5-7 different Lilly resale groups- it’s probably the worst for it, brand-wise. (Kate Spade and Lulu don’t seem to have the same problem.) Don’t get your heart set on a piece until you’ve actually paid the invoice. Even if you comment “Sold” (or whatever you are supposed to do in that group), it may actually have been sold to someone in another group/board. It’s one of the downfalls of resale boards. You win some and you lose some!
So, all in all- you can find some fantastic pieces on resale boards. Most groups have dedicated admins to help with any issues and disputes, and groups often stay honest and fair. If you don’t agree with a group’s rules or practices, just leave the group- if you aren’t willing to follow them, you won’t be able to buy anything anyways. It takes a bit of thought and work to find things, but you can find excellent, gently used pieces for a lot less and rare items that you might have spent months hunting for otherwise. Be organised and methodical, and go find your bargains!
Do you use resale boards? What is the best deal you have found? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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