Kate Spade Floral 2018-19 Planner Review

I am back again with one of my favourite annual posts- my new Kate Spade planner review! While I am slowly moving away from Kate Spade style wise, I still adore their planners and think that they are some of the most all-around useful and cute planners on the market right now. This is a basic planner that doesn’t have detailed sections but that makes it a good planner for the majority of people- major areas of life that need planning are included, but nothing is overwhelming. I also think this is just a beautiful planner!

Kate Spade 2019 Floral Planner Review

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Kate Spade Fashionably Late 2018 Planner Review

As my Kate Spade 2017 planner review is still one of my most popular posts, I decided that I would do a 2018 update when my new planner arrived. It may not seem like it but planners are fairly personal objects for people. For those who have jumped into the world of planners, you have different layouts, different styles, bullet journaling, notations, decorations, designers, you name it. Now that Kate Spade is widely producing and selling their planners, it has become one of the most popular brands! Every year they are slightly different and the 2018 models are fantastic…

AnHistorianAboutTown.com (3)

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Snapshot Saturday, 10 June 2017

Snapshot Saturday, a peak into what’s happening in my life! I like to share the little things because that is what makes us who we are and what makes the world go around. This is a tidbit that landed in my inbox earlier this week, and it made my laugh more than it probably should have…



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Style File Friday, 5 Tips for Resale Boards

Resell boards are pretty popular nowadays- they are a great way to buy affordable and hard-to-find items that you might otherwise not be to. You can find them for pretty much every brand and geographic location, if you are willing to spend a little time poking around. However, there rules and methods to using each board and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. I am here to help and pass on my experience! This post is going to focus on Facebook resell groups because they are accessible to anyone who has Facebook.

how to

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Kate Spade Finds, Style File Friday

So I finally swung by Winners in the south end of Winnipeg. For any non-Canadians reading this, Winners is essentially the same things as Marshalls and TJ/ TK Maxx- some designer brands, some regular brands, some never heard of brands at decent prices. I have found some fantastic pieces there in the past, and I decided it was finally time to visit once again. I find that the best approach when going to a store like Winners or Marshalls is to give yourself more than enough time to wander about and really give everything a good look.

Kate Spade Finds

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Tools of the Trade, Make It Monday

After my cookie cutters arrived on Friday and I knew that I would be testing out the cutters (and one of the recipes that came with them), it started a train of thought through all of my various cookie cutters. I find baking quite peaceful and calming, and I think that this is the perfect time of year to give out some spring and Easter baking!Β I do have more cookie cutters than just these- this isn’t including any of the Christmas cookie cutters, I have more of those than most people should…- but these are some of my favourites, and for different reasons.

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Style File Friday, Kate Spade and J Crew!

This is the final week of everything new from Christmas and my trip! My winter wardrobe is now firmly invigorated and I’m loving every single one of my new pieces. I am honing my style and slowly moving towards a more timeless wardrobe, and while it’s not a huge change, it feels right. Given an unlimited budget, I could probably outfit myself permanently with only J Crew and Kate Spade. Given that I don’t have an unlimited budget, I stick with pieces that I know that I will absolutely love!


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Style Saturday, 7 January 2017

Welcome to the first Style Saturday of 2017! Because I usually get to do a little bit of shopping at Christmas (thank you Boxing Day/Week sales), January is usually a fun time for my style. Sure, I have to bury it at the beginning and end of the day in sweatpants, hoodies, and parkas but for most of the day I get to enjoy my new clothes and start the new year with a new(ish) look! This week was a little rushed but in addition to the pieces themselves, I will also try to post action shots in the coming Style Saturdays. Now, onto the good stuff- the first half of my new Kate Spade items!Β  Continue reading

My Favourite Shoes, Style Saturday

This past weekend I was reminded that as much as I want to preserve accessories and items of clothing to help them last longer, I need to actually wear and enjoy them instead of letting them sit on the shelf! I went to a wedding and I wore my RW & Co Navy Bow Dress that I wore to Barre After Hours in the summer. The theme of the wedding was Beauty and the Beast, so I figured I needed to with the navy and gold look. But, the question that stumps many women took me down, which shoes do I wear?Β  Continue reading

Style Saturday- 1 October 2016

Style Saturday is starting to look different than when I first started it. When I first started this blog, I was very much trying to establish my wardrobe as a working adult, not a student, and I was purchasing a good amount of clothing. I also was totally out to lunch on make up, and didn’t really have much of a look at all. I have finally figured out how to do a basic and polished look for my face, and my wardrobe has come together fairly nicely. I feel that now I am at the point of polishing my wardrobe and look- here are my goals for the fall! Continue reading