History in the Making

History in the Making

Kate Spade Fashionably Late 2018 Planner Review

As my Kate Spade 2017 planner review is still one of my most popular posts, I decided that I would do a 2018 update when my new planner arrived. It may not seem like it but planners are fairly personal objects for people. For those who have jumped into the world of planners, you have different layouts, different styles, bullet journaling, notations, decorations, designers, you name it. Now that Kate Spade is widely producing and selling their planners, it has become one of the most popular brands! Every year they are slightly different and the 2018 models are fantastic…
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I bought my Kate Spade Fashionably Late Planner from Chapters! This design is available from Chapters in Canada, and Lifeguard Press internationally. (Ironically, it isn’t listed on the Kate Spade site itself.) Originally it was $34 CAD (roughly $38.50 with taxes), and between a sale at Chapters and redeeming my Plum Points, I was able to get this for $10.75 CAD with taxes and shipping included!! This is probably the biggest shopping accomplishment that I’ve had in a while, given that it’s a brand new planner that isn’t in the middle of its span.
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late Planner cover
This planner is 7 3/4 x 6 inches- enough room to keep a good amount of information and plans, without requiring you to lug around a heavy, large planner. It’s a coral/red with “She’s always running fashionably late” in gold scripts, and it’s fun but simple! It also has the standard elastic band from the back to keep it closed when not in use.
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late Planner pocket
It has the usual two-sided pocket for storage, it’s perfect for cards and receipts if you have the need. There is also an address section, a list of 2018 US holidays, and a notes section. I seem to always “save” the notes section for something more important but I think that this year is the year that I finally use it!
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late Planner quote page
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late monthly view
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late Planner weekly view
The monthly cover page with a call to action, the monthly calendar view, and the weekly view are the same as previous years. Everything is clean and elegant! Some people like to have more space per day, especially on the weekends, but it’s quite enough for me when my daily to-do tasks go in a bullet journal.
Kate Spade 2018 Fashionably Late Planner stickers
The newest addition this year is the stickers! They are gold foil stickers and there is a variety- birthdays, weddings, cocktails, play hooky, several fun images, among others. While I’m not a huge sticker person, I am excited to sprinkle these throughout my planner, jazz it up a little bit! (I’m going to have to source some gold foil holiday related stickers, I’ll certainly need them then *says the holiday obsessed one*.)
If you use a planner, which planner do you use? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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