The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

Although the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Nutcracker tops my list of favourite, their The Sleeping Beauty has now come a very close second- this is a spellbinding and entertaining ballet that will keep anyone enthralled from beginning to end. The absolutely gorgeous costumes and sets, paired with an incredibly talented company, will bring you away to a fairy-tale kingdom for an evening and allow you to see everything that ballet can and should be! The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty runs from February 28 to March 4 at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall.

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Presents

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Kate Spade Fashionably Late 2018 Planner Review

As my Kate Spade 2017 planner review is still one of my most popular posts, I decided that I would do a 2018 update when my new planner arrived. It may not seem like it but planners are fairly personal objects for people. For those who have jumped into the world of planners, you have different layouts, different styles, bullet journaling, notations, decorations, designers, you name it. Now that Kate Spade is widely producing and selling their planners, it has become one of the most popular brands! Every year they are slightly different and the 2018 models are fantastic… (3)

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An Historian About… Beauty and the Beast

Following Charlotte I am doing my own Beauty and the Beast review! If you have somehow been living under a rock or are very unawares of new movies that are coming out, the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast came into theatres a month ago. It had been built up for months and months, and I think you would had to have worked hard to avoid it. I did try to avoid anything more than the first trailer, especially detailed film site reviews lest something be spoiled for me. I went into it with as fresh a mind as possible!

Beauty and the Beast

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The Nest- Is This The Book of 2016?

If you are anything like me, you will avoid ads at any given cost. I listen to several podcasts that include ads, and while I understand that you put a lot of time into it and you need specific equipment, I will not use any of these products services after having it shoved down my throat. (MeUndies, Casper Mattress, Blue Apron, Warby Parker, Square Space- you are all dead to me. Lighten up on the marketing.) The Nest was repeatedly thrown at us by various booksellers, emails, and Facebook ads. What caught my eye finally is that a few of my Goodreads friends had given it a decent review (3-4 stars), but I still wasn’t willing to pay $15 to read it on Kobo, and definitely not $20 to buy a hard copy. When I saw it on sale on Kobo for $3.99, I figured it was finally time to give it a shot!

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Something new- NetGalley

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Trial/Review: Buttermilk and Wild Blueberry Scone Mix

I’ve now started perusing the food sections of Winners and Marshalls, to see what interesting things I can find! Although you do need to pay attention to expiration dates, as you may end up with something that expires in the next few months as opposed to years, I have found some fairly promising mixes. The first up is this Buttermilk and Wild Blueberry Scone Mix from Winners! Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: How was it?

I must start this film review by saying that I very much enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I read it during university. I know a lot of people are not in favour of altering the classics in any way, but I appreciate the new spin!  Continue reading

2015 Recap!

Although I started this blog in mid January 2015, I am going to do my year in review now to line up with the calendar year! This has been the start to a wonderful adventure- I’ve learned a lot, I’ve “met” some amazing bloggers, and I’ve accomplished far more than I thought I would! So, how is the year looking?
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I’m not sure why, but I’m very interested in Georgian history right now

I have recently read two seemingly similar histories of Georgian London/England- Amanda Vickery’s Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England and Lucy Inglis’ Georgian London: Into the Streets. It was actually quite interesting to read them one after the other, it allowed for some interesting comparisons.  Continue reading