Kate Spade Peony Planner 2017 Review

I ordered this planner from Chapters as soon as I was able to. If you are brand new to this blog, I adore Kate Spade! These planners are chic, spacious but not too heavy/large, and carry that classic gold spade. I decided to branch out and go with a floral pattern- the peonies are beautiful, and a nice touch! I also decided to stick with the medium sized planner.


The spiral bound Kate Spade planners are 17 months, and are August 2016 to December 2017 inclusive. I use my smaller Kate Spade planner for personal/Alpha Gam related events and planning, and the spiral bound are mostly for work. I like having two separate planners- that way I can really dig into my work planner without shorting my personal space. I also don’t need my full work schedule at home; I find it hard enough to “shut off” as is. I think this will brighten up my desk at work!

Kate Spade Peony Planner 2017 front.jpgKate Spade Peony Planner 2017 Back.jpg

Now, there are some incredibly talented people who turn their planners into works of art. While I will probably never put hours and hours into decorating/filling my planner, I am going to try and utilise the different views. I might even get some washi tape and be crazy! Currently, the extent of my planning is different coloured pens. I think that I might need something like Washi tape to indicate that I am completely booked up. Let me know if you have a way to show this!

There is a monthly calendar view, as well as weekly views. I like the monthly view, as I can see quickly how many days in a week that I am free. I need 3-4 free nights/days a week, and I need to be able to see that. The monthly and weekly also allow for a good amount of planning. I find that most planners with a day per page are just too big and heavy for me to use. This is a good balance.

Kate Spade peony planner 2017 month view.jpgKate spade peony planner week view.jpg

As you can see, it’s got your standard tab/month, and Holidays/Celebrations, Addresses, and Notes. I tend not to use the Addresses tab- those go straight into my Google contact info. The holiday info isn’t always accurate, as Canadian and American holidays don’t really line up. At all. However, it is handy when I want to see when M’s holidays are!

Kate spade peony planner 2017 list.jpg

One of my favourite new features are these fun lists at the front of each month. Last year, everyone was outraged that the monthly quote was removed- it felt a little empty. (I was not outraged, more like mildly miffed.) I actually enjoy these lists! It gives you ideas on what to do, and where to go. I also find that Kate Spade quotes are all rather similar. These lists are a little something different, and gives you a little insight the Kate Spade woman.

So, planner afficianados- what do you like to see in your planner? What features do you find the most important in staying organised? And can you recommend a particular brand of washi tape that isn’t crazy expensive??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “Kate Spade Peony Planner 2017 Review

  1. Pen On Paper Products June 16, 2016 / 2:52 am

    We are a company that create planners and journals and loved your post. It’s always interesting to hear what people love and don’t love! Everyone is so different! As for washi tape – try etsy if you don’t mind online shopping!


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