New Balance and Lululemon, Style File Friday

My hope for Style File Friday is that it is a place for me to share my favourite style and beauty recommendations while also sharing the stories and backgrounds that go along with them. I love knowing how someone came to find and love a piece, and that makes a big difference when I’m looking for recommendations myself. (Let me know if you like this approach.) Onto the goods!……

My charge to back to being in shape is going pretty well, all in all! I know that a lot of people don’t want to invest in gym clothing and equipment (shoes) until they’ve reached a certain goal, but I find that I am far more motivated to hit the pavement and keep moving if I’ve got something new to wear. I have a few new pieces right now that are motivating me to get to the gym and to my yoga mat and put the time in that I should!

New Balance and Lululemon,Style File Friday

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Style File Friday, Lululemon Basics


My relationship with Lululemon has been slightly fraught. Prices are slowly rising while sheer leggings and rolling hems can be an issue. However, there are still a few different pieces that I still reach for and I recommend no matter what. I grabbed both of these in a new colour when I was in Banff (you can always branch out.) Somehow I’ve been a Lululemon customer for twelve years (TWELVE??? Where has the time gone?) and I’ve tried a wide range of products, it’s time I share my Lulu brand knowledge with all of you!

Lululemon BasicStyle File

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Style File Friday, 5 Tips for Resale Boards

Resell boards are pretty popular nowadays- they are a great way to buy affordable and hard-to-find items that you might otherwise not be to. You can find them for pretty much every brand and geographic location, if you are willing to spend a little time poking around. However, there rules and methods to using each board and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. I am here to help and pass on my experience! This post is going to focus on Facebook resell groups because they are accessible to anyone who has Facebook.

how to

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Style File Friday- The Dog Park

Hanging out with my brother and our friends and all of the dogs (Loki, Thor, and Thorn) is pretty important to me- it’s a great time to relax, it’s a few hours outside in the sun and fresh air, and it’s time with the puppers! Winnipeg’s transition weather is a bit of a rough ride sometimes; Saturday was a high of 19°C and Sunday was a high of 2°C. Not exactly smooth sailing from one day to the next… As such, what I wear to the dog park can vary greatly from one trip to the next.

Style File Friday- The Dog Park

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Not Running is Tough- Fitness Update

I’m not doing my absolute best at my get-in-shape plan, but I’m also not doing terribly. I’m trying to modify what I’m doing while still maintaining the same level of fitness!
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Style Saturday: 16 April 2016

This week is a few of my favourite Lululemon items, old and new! While it is common knowledge that Lulu’s quality was not what it once was, there are still some real gems out there. With the right research and attention to details, you can find some lasting pieces. Continue reading

Alternatives to Outlet Stores

I recently posted about the differences between buying designer labels at retail stores and at outlet stores, but those aren’t the only ways to find your dream items! Thankfully the modern world has provided us with alternatives to physical stores. Continue reading

Thoughts I Have in Airports

I normally have a lot of thoughts, possibly a weird amount of thoughts. It’s rather like my brain is permanently stuck in Gilmore Girls mode. It’s probably why I can’t sleep ever, my brain is always like “Nope, you are staying awake, you need to think about where you put your green sweater in your closet.” However, I seem to have even more thoughts when I am in airports. I don’t know why, but they multiply.

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Double or Nothing- That’s the new plan!

So, as I recently posted, I am determined to stay in shape and more importantly, stay healthy! Now that 85th is over, I have slightly more time for myself. I’m still fairly busy, but I do have time to fit more work outs in! It’s been interesting stepping it up again:
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Style Saturday- October 2, 2015

As the eight million posts about boots and blanket scarves and pumpkins and sweaters would indicate, we have fully and completely entered fall my friends. I love fall as much as the next person, and my clothing is fully autumnal. Onto Style Saturday!  Continue reading