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Rant: Shipping North of the 49

Hello, all! Everyone seemed very on board for a rant post, so I figured that I may as well give the people what they want- rant numero uno, coming up! For those of you who are new to the blog, I am Canadian. I know that people often expect Canadians to be polite, easy going, and quiet but today I refuse to be silent any longer!
Shipping to Canada, A Rant

Lilly no intl shipping
Did you notice that lovely “International Shipping not available at this time”?

Canadians like to shop, okay? We are people, just like the rest of you. We don’t understand why shipping for a $6 pin has to be $32 USD from Chicago to Winnipeg but at the end of the day if we really want the item, we are willing to pay for it. A lot of my American friends will complain when there is a $20 minimum spend for free shipping- Canadians typically have $50-100 minimum spend, if there is free shipping at all. We just accept that free shipping isn’t a thing and move on with our lives.
Poshmark US Only
And then you come to the sites that don’t even offer shipping to Canada- LILY PULITZER AND POSHMARK, I’M LOOKING AT YOU. Lilly Pulitzer is not a small company, by any stretch of the imagination. From everything I’ve seen on the Facebook groups, Canadians (and people from many other countries) love their products, and yet they only allow shipping to a US address. If you have the money to pay people to sit and paint designs instore, I’m sure you can hire someone to figure out international shipping.
As my Style File Friday post on my Lilly for Target dress explained, I had to jump through a million different hoops to buy a dress. I had to find it on Poshmark using an incognito browser window, have Charlotte make a Poshmark account, and then ship it to me once she received it. If Charlotte hadn’t been willing, I would have been out of luck, all because I happen to live in Canada. Poshmark won’t let you make an account if your IP address isn’t in the US, so every style blogger who says “use Poshmark for great deals” is inadvertently ignoring everyone outside of the US. I know that it’s not on purpose but it starts to get irritating very quickly to continually see Poshmark, Poshmark, Poshmark. “Here’s a site to get really good deals but you can’t actually use it.”
Dear companies,
Please stop excluding us from your company. I don’t know if you all have a grudge against Canada, but if we are willing to pay a much higher price with the exchange rate AND pay the bizarrely high rate for shipping, why will you not allow us to buy your products? Did a Canadian check you into the boards one too many times that you have proverbially shoved us all into the penalty box of capitalism? Please don’t treat us like the unwanted cousin.
The Historian
Dear bloggers,
Please be aware that if you are American, you probably have the widest and most varied access to stores, companies, and products. Your readership might not, and if you only ever recommend things that I can never buy, it makes it tough for me to want to keep reading your blog. The internet is global and your reach is further than you think- if nothing else, please recognise in your post that it may not be available in all countries.
The Historian
Canadians, have you found any ways to deal with the lack of options? Global peeps, do you ever run into shipping issues? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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