There is More to Canada Than the Rockies

As a Canadian, I understand that I feel more warmth and appreciation for Canada than most people in the world, and that makes complete sense to me. People do seem to love visiting Canada, and that makes me so happy to see and hear- to know that other people want to appreciate this lovely country of mine. However, something that I have sadly noticed is that the world seems to think that Canada is made up of Alberta and British Columbia, aka. the Rocky Mountains. It’s actually quite disappointing to see that people are seeing maybe 10% of the country when the rest of our provinces have so much to offer- there is more to Canada than just the Rockies, and I will make the case.

There is More toCanada than the Rockies

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Introducing… The Way I C It Podcast

Today I’m very happy to share something from a very good friend and Alpha Gamma Delta sister of mine, a new podcast that is launching today! The Way I C It debuts today (four episodes are live already), and Carolina is the perfect host to bring a new podcast in your listening life. Coming in at 15-20 minutes, it is a quick but thoughtful podcast that will make you think about you and your life but keep you moving forward rather than stuck in thought. Carolina sat down with me for an interview and to give more background and insight into her podcast, which I am excited to share with you today!


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Will the Trend of Cheap Ever End?

Have you ever told someone that you liked their top, and you heard “Thanks, it was only $8/£4/€1/whatever cheap cost”? That always takes me aback, as I didn’t comment on the price of it whatsoever, but revealing how cheaply it was purchased seems to be a knee jerk reaction now for most people. I am in no way arguing for spending money for no apparent reason, but why have we, as society, become crippled by a need to be cheap? Why is buying things cheaply considered an accomplishment? (Note, I did not say frugally.)

Will CheapEver End_

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What a Break Up Can Do to You

I’d like to think that at least with my blog, I’ve been keeping it together for the last month or two. It takes so much more planning and forethought and energy than it ever did before to keep the blog going, but I’m hoping that it’s still enjoyable and useful to everyone as it was before. If you aren’t interested in a personal post, I’m not offended if you don’t read today’s post- Style File Friday is back on Friday, as usual.

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4 Co-op Board Games to Bring to a Party

I’m a big fan of board games, and thankfully, so are a lot of my friends and family! Although I can sit and talk as much as the next person (probably more than the next person), it’s fun to have something do for the evening that everyone can take part in. I’m a big fan of co-op games myself, as it’s nice to work together instead of ending your evening in a fight over that fourth railroad that Rich Uncle Moneybags wouldn’t cough up. These are my 4 favourite board games to bring to your next party!

4 Co-Op Board Gamesto Bring to a Party

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Snapshot- 21 March 2018

To everyone complaining that where they live is getting slight snow flurries and grey skies for “spring”….
Spring won’t be here in Winnipeg for another 2 months and we are still probably a month away from actually seeing (still frozen) grass. So, if you can see grass that isn’t frozen, you are doing pretty well!

Is it truly spring where you live?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian

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Winter Tag!

Amelia from You Can Always Start Now shared a blog post all about winter, and given that I live in a city known across the country (and possibly further) as “Winterpeg”, I figured I would embrace the storm we got on Monday last week and share my wintery thoughts! As someone who has lived in the middle of Canada for her entire life (save for the year I lived in Dublin), I think I’m in a pretty good position to comment on the season/half year known as Winter…

Winter Tag!

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