History in the Making

History in the Making

Quick Question, 16 May 2017

Hello hello, it’s that time again! The Quick Question- I’m gonna get to know you, you are gonna get to know me, and hopefully we all have a little fun. Sometimes blogging can be a little distancing, because I’m writing it but I’ve no idea how you are reading and interpreting it. Today’s question is something that may affect us all for the rest of our lives- if we are lucky (or cursed, depending on how you look at it I suppose)…

If you were lucky enough to win a lifetime supply of your favourite food, but you could only eat it for the rest of your life, what would the food be and would you take the deal? 
This is a hard toss up for me- it’s a three way tie between steak, strawberries, and popcorn! I know, I know, that is a bizarre combination but I promise you that I’m not eating them all together in one weirdo plate. If I was really pressed, I think I would have to go with popcorn in the top spot! Could I only eat popcorn for the rest of my life? While it seems like a dream, I think the answer has to be no- only because if my teeth go when I’m older and I only have gums, I’m not sucking on popcorn. (Sucking On Popcorn sounds like it could be a ska band- if you are in the market for a name for your ska band, you are welcome to it.)
So, your favourite food and would you eat only that for the rest of your life? 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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0 thoughts on “Quick Question, 16 May 2017”

  • Hahahaha I laughed out loud at your ska band suggestion. I think you should go with strawberries, steak is pretty hard with no teeth as well 🙂 I think I’d go with yogurt. Different flavors, easier not to get bored. Good for old age. Now I imagine you eating a steak/strawberry/popcorn salad lol great question 🙂

    • Strawberries are also super high in vitamin C, so I’d like to think it would help somehow…. Yogurt is a smart choice- I don’t like it but I started eating it every day and I’m definitely noticing less upset tummy moments. This might be going on my list… (oh, responsible adulthood). Also, I’ll pay money to see that band

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