Quick Question, 16 May 2017

Hello hello, it’s that time again! The Quick Question- I’m gonna get to know you, you are gonna get to know me, and hopefully we all have a little fun. Sometimes blogging can be a little distancing, because I’m writing it but I’ve no idea how you are reading and interpreting it. Today’s question is something that may affect us all for the rest of our lives- if we are lucky (or cursed, depending on how you look at it I suppose)…


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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To, May 2017

If you are at all interested in podcasts, you probably know that S-Town, made by the creators of Serial, dropped about a month ago. While I wasn’t particularly impressed by it but I do love that it brings a ton of attention to podcasts! I haven’t done a podcast recommendation post in quite some time, so today I’m going to be sharing some of the podcasts that I’m listening to right now. These are available for Android and Apple, so everyone is able to enjoy these!


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