History in the Making

History in the Making

How to Cope With a Snow Day

Sometimes snow days are well-appreciated and enjoyed, sometimes they come at the absolute worst time and it can’t be helped. While I will be flying out to see M two days late, I’m trying to see any positive possible. The highway into the city was officially closed as of 5:45am this morning, and the city of Winnipeg recommends that only essential travel happen as streets are only being cleared slowly and you will most likely end up stuck on a road. Well, by the time you are reading this it is the 27th and I would hope that it gets better by that point. I’m not flying out until the 28th now (please send your positive thoughts my way!), so I’ve got some time to relax. What’s the plan? 
I drank Snow Day tea, from David’s Tea. And that’s it… What did I do for reals, you ask?
Believe it or not, between calling WestJet at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve and 7:00am on Christmas Day, I didn’t get a whole lot of actual sleep. And then when I went to nap, I accidentally discovered that my rebooked flight was also cancelled. So, my nap was cancelled. Today, I finally got my nap! I usually don’t nap unless I am sick but desperate (and slightly haggard looking) times call for desperate measures!
Netflix, Duh
As of the time of writing, our power and internet are good as ever and I’ve used this time to catch up on a few different shows. I didn’t realise that I had never watched the third season of Sherlock, and it watches well when you are stuck in the house with not much to do! I love a good mystery, so it suited me well. I somehow missed that the Abominable Bride was set in the late nineteenth century, what a surprise! I also got caught up on the newest season of The Royals that just started- yes, it is full of catty gossip but it is entertaining as heck. HOW DOES ONE FAMILY HAVE SO MANY ISSUES?!?
Secret London Colouring Book.jpg
Secret London
My sister and brother-in-law got me the Secret London colouring book and I am really enjoying it! It’s not bizarrely intricate like a lot of adult colouring books are. (I don’t necessarily want to have to colour a thousand individual segments…) It also has an I Spy feature that is highly entertaining; either I’m a small child, or it’s been acceptable for adults to do I-spys. My Faber-Castell markers are being put to good use and the London Aquarium is slowly coming to life. This will be coming with me for my airport waits…
Waffle Maker Boxing Day
I was lucky enough to get a wafflemaker for Christmas and we christened it first thing on Boxing Day! Had a tiny bit of a mishap with the first two (the recipe gave no indication of how much batter to put in) but it’s a fantastic little doo-dad and I couldn’t be happier with it! Turns out that the recipe would make 10-12 full sized waffles, so one batch would do for an average sized family to fill themselves on waffles. If you have any recipes to make in a wafflemaker (be it an actual waffle or another creation), please share them with me! I want to get creative!
Like I said earlier, please send all of your positive thoughts this way that I finally get to see M!! I’m all packed and ready to go, and I will be the most cheerful traveller in the world if I can make it there safe and sound! 
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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