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Canadian Lilly Lovers, Style File Friday

Since starting my Lilly Pulitzer journey, I’ve spent a good amount of time reading and talking with people who see Lilly on a daily basis with no questions asked! However, I’ve found an absolutely wonderful group of Canadian Lilly lovers who understand how tough it can be to find this wonderful brand, and wear it proudly in this Lilly-less country of ours. These women are so friendly and welcoming, and although it’s a smaller group, are entirely supportive. These are some of their Lilly stories!
Canadian Lilly Loveres,Style File Friday

Obviously I know my own Lilly story, but I’m always curious to know how other people came to the brand, especially other Canadians! Here in Winnipeg I sometimes get some awkward looks, but then again, it’s certainly not anywhere close to being the most fashion forward city in the country. These women were lovely to share their time with me and answer a few questions for me about how they came to know and love Lilly!
1. As a Canadian, how did you first hear about Lilly Pulitzer? 
“I first fell in love with Lilly through a preppy blog. Everything from the brand’s values to the vibrant colours resonated with me and I’ve never looked back.” (Domina)
“I had heard of Lilly Pulitzer years ago, but was first enamoured while on vacation in Florida, when I stopped into a Lilly store.” (Lisa) 

“My cousin went to school in Florida and was a sorority sister in a house full of Lilly.” (Leslie) 
Lilly Pulitzer Beachbathers Print.jpg
2. What was your first Lilly piece and why? 
“The first piece I remember buying was an Elsa in First Impression (yellow); love the print, love the colour!” (Jenifer) 
“At the time, I was a college student on a budget so I couldn’t afford Lilly at full retail value. My first Lilly related purchase were custom made Lilly phone cases from Etsy. I liked that I could add my monogram so it felt really personal and unique.” (Domina)
“My first piece of Lilly was a red right return Marlowe. I love anything nautical” (Jennifer)
Lilly Windward detail
3. How do you source your Lilly in Canada? 
I buy at the Lilly store in Oakville and also off the US website. They don’t ship to Canada so I have purchases shipped to a relative in Buffalo. And I buy Lilly every time I travel to the US” (Rhonda)
“Ebay.ca is my main source for Lilly. As well as the website ( https://mellyonline.com ) which sells full price Lilly from Seattle and will ship to Canada.” (Leslie)
“eBay, mail order with Signature stores, Facebook boards. Also visit LP stores when I travel to the US, as well as the one store in Canada.” (Jenifer)
Lilly Pulitzer Tons of Fun print
4. Do you find that there is a specific reaction to Lilly where you live?
“I live in Toronto, and most people love it! I get comments wherever I go, with people saying that they love the print I’m wearing, or how cheerful my outfit is!” (Lisa) 
Not really, the comments I do get are usually people loving the brightness and the patterns though.” (Rhonda)
It’s not common here [in Winnipeg], but those who notice seem amused! I also like LP pieces in navy, which makes the clothing more versatile.”
Bonus: Favourite Lilly print? 
Anything nautical! RRR, SSS also anything 4th of July ie cherry bomb and firecracker” (Jennifer)
My favourite print is ” multi sea sun and salt” (Leslie) 
One favourite is a hard choice. Lilly’s Lagoon or First Impression” (Jenifer)
Bonus… that’s not fair! I have too many to count! A few faves are Lulu, Tipping Point, Exotic Garden and Toucan Play.” (Lisa)
Favourite print is definitely Kini’s in the Keys from 2016!” (Rhonda)
“Favourite print: first impressions!” (Domina)

I love how different and diverse everyone’s story is- although we all love this brand, we came to it from different paths and love it for different reasons! Also, while many people will dismiss clothing for being trivial, I believe that it brings together lovely and thoughtful people who will go out of their way to brighten someone’s day!
Lilly lovers, what is your Lilly story?
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!
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