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What I've Learned From Blogging Groups

Blogging groups- some bloggers swear by them, some have never been in one before. They can five people or five thousand people, could be organised around a theme, a goal, or even an area. Some are easily found and some are harder to find than Fight Club. No matter what kind of blogging group it is, I’ve found that the way to approach them doesn’t change. These are five biggest things that I’ve learned from the blogging groups that I’ve been in, and I hope that it helps you, too!
Blogging Groups

1. It’s Not Permanent 
Blogging groups are a wonderful way to boost your stats, meet new bloggers, and learn as much as you can, but they aren’t a permanent upswing in stats. I found that if I didn’t post in whatever the daily thread was or just didn’t share a post that people connected with, my stats fell back to what they normally are. It’s a very cool feeling to all of a sudden see an extra 100 views on your post than you normally have, but I would treat it as the exception rather than the new normal.
2. Some People Just Won’t Like You and/or Your Blog 
Everyone approaches blogging groups and sharing differently. I like to branch out and read all sorts of blogs, but a lot of people like to stick within their genre/preferences and don’t venture out. I have found from the few groups that I’ve been in, there are some people that you will read, comment, and share week in and week out, and they won’t so much as look at your blog. I wouldn’t take it personally, they don’t know. And if they do know you, so what? Unless you are writing your blog specifically for someone else, they aren’t really a part of it anyway.
3. Get to Know the Group
Every single blogging group is different- there are different bloggers with different personalities, different schedules with different rules. What is okay in one group may not be in another. I would recommend hanging back a little bit for the first few weeks to see what is considered normal in that group- a misstep could lead to people ignoring you, harsh words, or even being banned from the group. It can be tempting to dive in headfirst but take your time!
4. You Can’t Change the Group
This fits with getting to know your groups, but I never seen anyone successfully make a huge change to a blogging group! If it’s not a fit for you because time zones, thread topics, schedules, personalities, or just general group theme, don’t try to change it. Most people there will be happy with it (or they wouldn’t be there), so suggesting huge change typically doesn’t go over well. Wish everyone the best of luck and find another group that may fit you better!

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5. Share What You Love
While I find that if I haven’t posted in a thread, my posts don’t really get shared anymore, I do still go out of my way to Tweet, Facebook, Pin, and Stumble posts that I have loved reading. I do this for two reasons: 1) if I loved reading it, there is a very good chance that someone else will also love reading it, and 2) I don’t believe that you have to get something in return for everything that you do! Maybe a blogger has been feeling down on themselves or their work, and having their post shared is the pickup that they need to re-energise themselves, or maybe they have a monthly traffic goal that your share will help them meet. In any case, don’t be a hermit- share, share, share!

While blogging groups are amazing/ wonderful/ lovely/ exciting places to be, its easy to focus solely on the groups and not on your own blog. Remember why you blog and what you are looking for- we all have different goals, and what works for one blogger might not work for you. Blogging isn’t a zero sum game- someone reading someone else’s blog doesn’t mean that they can’t read yours. Sometimes you are going to be smaller, and that’s totally okay in this blogging world of ours!
Are you in any blogging groups? Have you learned anything from them?
Until tomorrow,
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8 thoughts on “What I've Learned From Blogging Groups”

  • I can understand this. I’m a newer blogger (well- I stopped for a long time) and I just recently joined a smaller group and I love it! But I def feel bad when I can’t spend enough time focusing on it when I’m just trying to gain a reputation by being consistent with my writing. I respect this post.

  • Best point I took from this is to know what you’re looking for and what you want from the blog/blog group experience. Some are communities and some are click-farms. Both have their place, but community and return visits come from getting to know the people behind the blogs.
    Keep going.

    • That’s exactly it! In the probably 7-8 I’ve been in, I’ve seen a huge range. I think if you connect with at least 3 bloggers- and connect, as in you would read their blog regardless of a thread- it’s a victory! I think that groups are a much better place to find new bloggers rather than increase the size of your own, and I’m totally okay with that ☺

  • I was in a huge one once that had about 600 people in. I felt so left out and it was so impersonal that I just had to leave ☹️ I never posted anything there either because I felt too intimidated.

    • I find that groups of anything more than 500 very difficult, as everyone rather gets lost in the chaos. However, I suppose it does give the opportunity for something to spread like wildfire, with more people to share. I’ll stick with my tiny groups, though!

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