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A Summer About Town!

I am trying my hardest to enjoy Winnipeg and get out about my own town! It’s not a huge city, and living here this long when there is not much that interests me. (Believe it or not, there is not a whole lot of medieval history and European culture in the middle of the prairies…) However, I’m going to find the interesting and good in Winnipeg, and enjoy myself this summer!

Ballet Class
I cannot wait for ballet class to start at the end of June! I promise I will try to not mention it in every single blog post, but I’m just incredibly excited and nervous, so it’s always on my mind 🙂

Paws in Motion Walk
I cannot wait for the Paws in Motion Walk for the Winnipeg Humane Society this year!! Last year was a great first go, but I think that we will be able to beat our team fundraising total from last year. Loki and Thorn are adorable enough to draw people in, at least in my opinion. I’m also happy that I can give back in different ways to the Humane Society, in addition to my volunteering!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Release Party
There is a local book store here that used to do big release parties for the Harry Potter books, and they did a party at Assiniboine Park. They will be doing it again, and both my family and Junior Circle are going! I’m so excited to see everyone and celebrate the new book. I will certainly have that weekend blacked out for reading it!

Via Pottermore

Barre After Hours
This is a fundraising event for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and I am so completely excited to go with one of my Alpha Gam sisters! It is a cocktail party on the roof of the RWB parkade, with a local swing band playing to start the evening off. Sure, there will be speciality cocktails, but what I’m really going for? Many of the company dancers will be there! While I am going to try my hardest not to fangirl and/or ask them too many “not party” questions, I can’t wait to be able to meet them. The amount of work, energy, and time that they dedicate to their craft is amazing, and I admire them more than anyone. It is closer to the end of July, and I’ve already got my ticket purchased!

Via Barre After Hours Facebook Event

August Long Weekend, aka the Icelandic Festival
We have a family place out by Gimli, MB- Gimli happens to be home of the biggest Icelandic population outside of Iceland. Therefore, the August long weekend every year is dedicated to the Icelandic Festival! The schedule isn’t up yet, but there is always the Viking camp complete with re-enactments, a parade, and more street food vendors than you could try. I stick with the classic mini donuts to enjoy during the fireworks show!

Trip to Washington to see M
This is probably one of the most exciting parts of the year for me, let alone summer! I will be heading to Washington to spend a week with M and Daisy in the middle of August. I will post more closer, but this is will be perfect!!

What kinds of things do you like doing in the summer?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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