The Shoebox Project… My Favourite Time of the Year!

My favourite time of the year is the holiday season, mostly because I think that it is a warm and cozy time of year that rejuvenates all of us in some way or another. However, there are many people who might not have a support system or family of any sort there for them. I think that the number one most important aspect of the holidays is giving back and paying it forward, and The Shoebox Project is a fantastic way to do that. Women in need are often left in the shadows, and this is the perfect way to reach out and help!

The Shoebox Project

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Paws in Motion 2016!

Huskitude was back at it again- we reformed for Paws in Motion 2016! Paws in Motion 2015 was so much fun that we had to come back again. The Winnipeg Humane Society is a wonderful organisation, and I respect everything that they do. The WHS does a great deal for the animals and people of Winnipeg, and I’m lucky to be able to volunteer as a Rabbit Wrangler! This walk, however, gives us all a chance to bring the dogs out and get in a good walk. Continue reading

A Summer About Town!

I am trying my hardest to enjoy Winnipeg and get out about my own town! It’s not a huge city, and living here this long when there is not much that interests me. (Believe it or not, there is not a whole lot of medieval history and European culture in the middle of the prairies…) However, I’m going to find the interesting and good in Winnipeg, and enjoy myself this summer! Continue reading

Double Post! Trial: Buttercream Frosting AND Alpha Gam’s Week of Service

Today is a double post! Two seemingly unrelated things: 1) I have been trying to make buttercream frosting for I don’t know how long, and 2) February 14-20 is Alpha Gamma Delta’s First Week of Service! To begin with the buttercream:Β  Continue reading

Fraternity Friday: Junior Circle Takes On The Shoebox Project

Earlier this week Junior Circle meet to assemble our boxes for the Shoebox Project. Alpha Gamma Delta had really instilled in me the idea that giving back to the community should be one of your top priorities, and the Shoebox Project allows us to give back to women specifically.
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Fraternity Friday- Back to normal

As 85th was two weeks ago, Junior Circle is still slowly recovering from the months-long period of insanity! And I have to say, we are doing fairly well. Continue reading

There is more than one way to give back

Alpha Gamma Delta has been fantastic to me in more than one way, but I think that the most important way is showing me that philanthropy can take many different forms. In 2015, we are fairly fortunate and I think that we can all give back, in one way or the other!Β  Continue reading

Rabbits! Rabbits and One Angry Chinchilla

Every week the Humane Society provides me with endless smiles and laughs to last me throughout the week. For those of you that are new, I am officially a Rabbit Wrangler! In addition to wrangling, I also cuddle, obstacle course, and pet the bunnies. Sometimes we get other animals, like the chinchilla… Continue reading

Paws in Motion- A great way to spend a Sunday morning

This morning was Paws in Motion, the Winnipeg Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser! This was our first year of participation, and I would say it was a rousing success for us, and the Humane Society! Our team raised over $400, and next year my goal is to raise over $500 myself- here is my huge thank you to everyone who donated to us!!! Continue reading