An Historian About… The Princess and the Goblin

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is a fascinating company- although they stage and produce the classics that we all know and love, they also bring newer productions to our stage to broaden our ballet views. This is only the second production of The Princess and the Goblin and is unlike anything else the company has staged in the last few years. The shadows and magic and goblins are the perfect answer for the fall, and we were able to see the full range of the company and Royal Winnipeg Ballet school! One of my new favourite ballets, here is The Princess and the Goblin! (3)

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Ballet Basics: The Performances

Welcome to the third and final part of my Ballet Basics series! I know that ballet can often feel high brow and difficult to relate to, but I think that a lot of that changes once you can actually see the ballet and have a chance to connect with it. Dance is the universal language, we can all understand movement; you’ve just got to let yourself go and be open to the experience. Today I’ve gathered some performances that are available online so that you can experience some of the great ballets from the comfort of your home!

Ballet Basics- The Performances

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An Historian About… the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Dracula!

With a world-renowned ballet company like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in my city, I take advantage of any chance I can get to see one of their performances! In a very odd twist of fate, I was able to see Dracula twice in October, or at least parts of it. I’m not usually a Halloween type of person, but this does seem to be quite fitting viewing for the holiday!

Royal Winnipeg Ballet's,

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Ballet Class- Staying On Top of Everything

Week three of my summer ballet class has come and gone! The more that I dance, the more that slowly filters back into my brain and the more that my muscles are slowly returning to their dancer state. I’m still incredibly sore after class and briefly wonder how I managed when I was dancing 5-6 days a week, but then I also remembered that if you dance every day your muscles don’t actually ever tighten up…. Continue reading

It’s finally happened- Ballet class!

The month of June was entirely devoted to getting ready for ballet class; it made me realise that seriously training dance while cross training is incredibly difficult. I’ve cut my running down to one 15-20 minute run per week because it is near impossible to work on your turnout when your glutes and quads are have been worked in the opposite direction that you need. I’ve started taking it easier in yoga on Wednesdays so that I don’t overwork my muscles for class in the morning. I still try to keep moving as much as possible to make sure that that my muscles don’t stiffen up. But now, for the good stuff: how was my first week of ballet class?  Continue reading

An Historian About the Ballet

On Thursday evening, my mother and I were able to see Spotlight, the final performance of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Professional Division. Even though I recently saw the RWB PD in their On the Edge performance, I was still incredibly excited to see this.  Continue reading

I Finally Needed a Break

As I will do for every day in the month, I’m back with my quest to get in shape for my ballet class! At the end of this week, I will only have two weeks left to make it- I really think that I can do this! I need to start working in more ballet specific stretching. While yoga is fantastic for stretching, it doesn’t always target the specific muscles dancers use, in the ways that they use them. Thankfully my gym at work has quite a large area for stretching! Continue reading

So, how I am doing with this ballet thing?

I’m sure that everyone has been dyyyyying to ask, how is the whole “getting ready for ballet class going”? Significantly better than my last check in! I’m not going to lie, there have been a few days where I didn’t particularly feel like it but the thought of being entirely out of shape in my ballet class has been more than ample motivation commit myself for that day. I think changing up what I am doing each day has helped a lot!

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Not Running is Tough- Fitness Update

I’m not doing my absolute best at my get-in-shape plan, but I’m also not doing terribly. I’m trying to modify what I’m doing while still maintaining the same level of fitness!
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