Blogger Fitness Challenge, Summer 2017

The main aspect of blogging that I am still here for is the community. So, when I sat down and thought about the fact that my blogging might be cutting down on my exercise/ fitness time, I figured that there may be other bloggers who feel the same way. I could have simply written this down in a notebook but I figured that I would share this if anyone else is interested!

Fitness Challenge

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Quick Question Tuesday

Back again with another quick question! I’m trying my hardest to get back into my exercise groove and while some days I have less motivation than others, I’m still getting to the gym and to my yoga mat and putting in the hours. Running, Zumba, yoga, and ballet are keeping me moving right now.However, I’m always looking for more ideas, which leads me to my quick question of the day… Continue reading

Motivate Yourself to Move!

I find that this is the time of the year that we all start to burrow; depending on how far north you are, it is actually getting cold. Frost and snow are making an appearance, the winds are a’whistling, and the heat might not be on everywhere. (Dear offices, please turn on your heat with Canadian Thanksgiving. That can be your tiny favour to us popsicles who are dying a slow, frozen death.) In addition to making a cinnamon bun-bed and burning through Netflix- we all need to rewatch Gilmore Girls before the premiere!!- we turn to comfort foods that keep us warm and cozy inside. All of this means that we start to exercise less and less while we prepare to hibernate- unfortunately, that isn’t the best for our bodies and health. So, what can you do to motivate yourself to move? Continue reading

Back at it and better than ever!

As I posted last week, I didn’t do much of anything on the weekend- I just embraced the sick feeling and tried to rest. However, I also put all of my energy into exercising this week and getting back into my regular routine. I would say that 6-8 months ago, I was at my peak- either running or doing yoga every day. It wasn’t enough variation for me to continue it in the long term, but I miss exercising every day in some way. Overall, I was in better shape, better health, and a better head space. I am trying to be realistic and give myself a day off here and there, but stick to somewhat of a routine. This week was a SUCCESS!

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Every Little Bit of Movement Helps!

This week I made a concentrated effort to get back to the gym! I made it a priority- I put it in my planner and set an alarm on my phone, and made sure that I got there. I wasn’t really feeling running at all, so I focused on the different gym classes. Because my gym is at a university, the regular gym part is stuffed full of students everywhere, whereas the classes aren’t quite so crowded. Plus, I would look slightly ridiculous dancing around in the regular gym by myself… While it didn’t end so well, this week was fairly productive fitness-wise!

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Barre Class- It Finally Happened!

As per my 30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30, trying out a Barre class has been in my mind for probably close to a year now. Of course a ballet-inspired work out piqued my interest, but I wasn’t particularly keen on paying $20 for a single class if I didn’t know if I would enjoy it or not. Someone on my Facebook shared an event for a new studio here in Winnipeg that is doing free Barre classes for the month of September- it seemed like fate, and I knew I had to go at least once! Unfortunately, I was only available for one of the free classes- Sunday, September 18, Barre HAPPENED.  Continue reading

Ballet, the Ultimate Workout

This week was my first ballet class back after a  month long break in the summer! Given that I hadn’t really worked on anything dance wise since classes ended at the end of July, class went surprisingly well. It was fun and challenging and felt comfortable, a familiar and welcoming place. Although ballet is undoubtedly an art form, it is also an incredibly physical activity, and I felt that. Continue reading

Laughing is the Best Form of Exercise

So, unfortunately my plan to get to the gym every day at lunch was squashed by the fact that there are now thousands of students back on campus who all need things done immediiiiiiiately. I took what I could get, and focused on finding smaller amounts of exercise whenever possible. Another fitness goal that I have added is being realistic and patient, and understanding that sometimes an hour workout just isn’t possible, no matter what I plan. Continue reading

Just Keep Moving, or The Fitness IS Happening

This week has been a fitness success! Originally I was going to do two days at lunch, three max, but I decided to push it when I saw the benefits. A knee brace and a can-do attitude will take you far! Continue reading

Fall Fitness Plan- It Needs to Happen

As I recently posted, I have been fairly lax at going to the gym lately. Well, this week, the change happens! I have made a plan to get back into shape, no excuses whatsoever. It may have been ambitious of me to try and start back at lunch last week- our office was finishing up renovations and everything was still in flux. However, we are settled now, and it’s time to make it a priority! Continue reading