Summer Book Recs: Crazy Rich Asians!

While I do read more than most and am usually willing to try new books, sometimes it can take me a little while to jump on new books. Sometimes I will read a book solely because of its cover, and sometimes it doesn’t affect the decision at all. Today’s series started out as a sleeper for me, but turned out to be one of my favourites now! It’s perfect for entertainment, for relaxation, for an afternoon when you just want some fun- Crazy Rich Asians!

Summer Book Recs

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Book Guide to Queen Victoria

Today is Victoria Day in Canada! For anyone who doesn’t know, Victoria Day is the third Monday in May and is a public holiday (woo-hoo long weekends!). It’s also the day that Canada officially celebrates the Sovereign’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!) Although an era was named after her, I don’t know that most people actually know that much of her. In honour of the monarchy and Queen Victoria, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite books about Victoria herself- she was a compelling monarch and she makes for a very interesting read!

Guide to Queen Victoria

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How to Find Book Bargains

If you are a reader like me, you will go out of your way to find deals on books. It’s difficult to walk past a bookstore without buying something, but you also realise that space and money aren’t unlimited and you need to limit yourself a little. I have found some ways to save money and find book bargains, for both physical books and ebooks, that I’m going to share with you today.

Book Bargains

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Books For… When You Want to Be a Kid Again!

If you were anything like me as a child, you were precocious, probably more than a little annoying, and you loved reading. Children’s books have really developed and expanded as a genre, including the whole tween and YA subgenre- I love that there is a never-ending stream of options for kids to find their reading fit! However, I still believe that the old classic series are where it’s at. There isn’t a ton of violence, they are classic mysteries, and there’s something different about getting lost in the past for a few hours at a time. Today’s post is all about my favourite books as a kid, so get ready for a blast from the past!

Books for... When You Want to Be a Kid Again

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Books For… When You Have the Day Off!

For many of my Canadian and American readers, Monday, 20 February is a day off! And for anyone that it isn’t, today is still Sunday and a day off for most. Sure, Netflix is always there for a good binge but it’s time to step away from Netflix and grab a book. While I love digging into a lengthy and winding book, sometimes I prefer a book that I can dive into for the day to escape and finish my journey before I have to head back to the real world. I think that each of these could be read in a quiet day (or less)  and will keep you reading!  Continue reading

Kobo Super Points: Review

Over a year ago, I posted about the Kobo Super Points program; now that time has passed, I think that it is time for me to finally post my review! For those who aren’t familiar, Kobo is a dedicated e-reader that boasts an expansive library of books for those of us not in US. (Amazon’s Kindle library is huge in the US, but not so much everywhere else.) I am a huge reader, so I have spent more time than any normal person should researching e-readers…


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A Book For…

I’ve got a bit of a reading problem. Okay, perhaps not a problem, but an addiction. I still might not be helping myself here. In any case, I have read more than my fair share of books. You can read them or listen to them, you can binge on books the same you binge on Netflix, and they are free with a public library card! While I do get into grooves and stick to the same genre for a bit, I’ve read fairly widely and today I’m going be sharing my bookish wisdom and recommendations for a variety of readers and moods!  Continue reading

More Time for Reading Than I Thought

Long story short that will be explained in a different post, I’m not flying out to see M now until the 28th. While I am pretty upset that my little time with him is being cut short, I’m trying to see the positive. Currently the positive is that I can make my through some of the books I’ve snagged on sale from Kobo in the last couple of weeks! Whenever I fly I like to have a wide variety of books at my disposal, lest I end up sitting somewhere for hours. So, I’ve taken advantage of the sales where I can and grabbed quite a few!

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Best Books of 2016

While these are not books that were necessarily released in 2016, they were books that I read and loved in 2016! As always I went through valleys and peaks with my reading- I will go from “I can’t put this book down and will spend every spare moment reading” to “nothing appeals to me and I just feel like listening to podcasts” in about a week’s time. I set a lower goal for myself this year with only 52 books (as opposed to my 100 book goal for 2015), but I still made it to over 75 books! These five books were my favourites from 2016, and I would recommend every single one of these without hesitation. So, which books made the cut? Continue reading

Getting Lost in a Good Book

I’ve truly been enjoying the books that I’ve been reading lately. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m purposely setting aside time to read and relax, or if it’s actually because it happens that I enjoy these books more. Either way, it leads to a happy Historian with more read books! The only unfortunate thing is that I’m back to read more books at once than usual but I’m hoping to capitalise on the reading love. I’m reading physical books, e-books, and back to listening to audiobooks from the library! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately…. Continue reading