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4 TV Comedy Recommendations

As per my recent poll, at least some of my lovely readers are interested in my favourite Netflix/TV show recommendations! Although I am a voracious reader, relaxing with a good tv show can always be a nice alternative (I’m especially partial to a good comedy). These are some of my favourite shows to dig into after a long day, and have all held up to three and four viewings. While I know that everyone likes something different, these recommendations are for comedies! (More recs to come later in other genres.) So, if you’ve have a long day or really just want to laugh, here is the post for you!
4 TV Comedy Recommendations

I am hoping that these shows are available in everyone’s country- it’s a little difficult to actually see what is available where and when. These are all available on Canadian Netflix as of March 2018, but please let me know in the comments if they are or aren’t available in your country and I can update it! Also, please share your favourite comedies in the comments as well, and share the laughs…



Superstore is certainly my favourite show on TV right now! It is an NBC show but airs on Global here in Canada. (I pay for it on Google Play, because I love it that much.) For anyone who has worked in a low paying retail job, you will definitely have more than a few laughs- the cut scenes between the main action are a highlight of the show for me, because they are customers quietly doing ridiculous things that would actually happen in a retail store. It’s an ensemble cast that works well together and balances some big personalities to give you entertainment without grating on your nerves. I know that I will probably be flamed for this, but I would argue that Superstore is a better workplace comedy than The Office– it doesn’t feel quite as gimmicky, and it’s not so ridiculous as to be unbelievable. (Sorry, Michael Scott, but some of what happened at Dunder Mifflin defies all logic and reality.) Favourite Episode: “Spokesman Scandal”, 2.04.

Favourite Quote: “That’s how you judge the success of a party. No fatalities.” Garrett, “Golden Globes Party” (3.09).

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Bob’s Burgers 

I will fully admit to being late to the Bob’s Burgers party, but now that I’m here, I’m entirely on board! This is the only non-workplace related show I’ve included- that seems to be where my humour sits right now, but Bob and the Belchers transcend that. Bob, Linda, and their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise live chaotic but hilarious lives while keeping their small family restaurant running. What usually makes me laugh is how ridiculous each of the kids are- Tina is deadpan but relatable, Gene is so ridiculous and over-the-top that you have to laugh, and Louise is slowly plotting to take over the world at nine. Their friends and family fill out the show, and half-explain why exactly they are the way they are! You will also notice several well-known voices, including Kevin Kline, Megan Mullally, and Jenny Slate. Favourite Episode: “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”, 3.12.

Favourite Quote: “Your ass is grass and I’m going to mow it.” Tina (3.19).

borderlineVia Tv-Trailers.com


Continuing on in the vein of workplace comedies, Borderline is a fantastic comedy for anyone who has ever travelled in their life. Sure, it’s boring and a pain for us to have to go through airport security and customs and pick up our baggage, but imagine what it’s like for the people who do that all day, every day? You’ve got to make life exciting somehow, and sometimes that means holding a star from Game of Thrones for three hours to ask every possible question you could imagine. It also strikes a surprisingly thoughtful and human tone that compliments the humour perfectly. My only frustration with the show (coming from North America) is how short each series is, only 6 episodes! Bonus points for this show for the theme song: it always makes me dance, and I might even make it my ring tone. Because I’m cool like that… Favourite episode: “Asylum”, 1.05.

Favourite Quote: “I just don’t think it’s weird to be excited about meeting the Queen.” Andy/Surprise Royalist, 2.01.


If you have ever worked for a large company or organisation that throws buzzwords and key phrases around like candy and has more bureaucratic levels than an onion has layers, Dreamland is the show for you! Dreamland (airing in it’s home Australia as Utopia) follows a government agency attempting to build something, but leaders Tony and Nat are continually swimming upstream to get anything done with any sort of efficiency and logic. You will most likely find yourself laughing along when you realise that you yourself may have been in the exact same situation, and that it really isn’t just you who goes through it! Favourite Episode: “Wood for the Trees”, 1.01.

Favourite Quote: “I suggest from now on, no one googles anything.” Tony (1.04).
What is your favourite TV comedy? 
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