4 TV Comedy Recommendations

As per my recent poll, at least some of my lovely readers are interested in my favourite Netflix/TV show recommendations! Although I am a voracious reader, relaxing with a good tv show can always be a nice alternative (I’m especially partial to a good comedy). These are some of my favourite shows to dig into after a long day, and have all held up to three and four viewings. While I know that everyone likes something different, these recommendations are for comedies! (More recs to come later in other genres.) So, if you’ve have a long day or really just want to laugh, here is the post for you!

4 TV Comedy Recommendations

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A Guide to Binging Your Favourite Shows

The world has become fixated on Netflix- Orange is the New BlackHouse of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all become regular fixtures in the year when people hide themselves away and disappear from the world to immediately absorb any new (or old show) that they want to see. Although I am as much of a fan of binging as the next person, I think that there are ways to enjoy the show and stay present in the world around you- you don’t have to disappear into your couch for 24 hours straight! This is my guide on the healthy way to binge your favourite shows…

A Guide to Binging YourFavourite Shows

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Catching Up On Netflix

I don’t know why, I’ve hit a bit of a reading slump. If I had to guess, I would say that it’s probably because I’m exhausted from getting back into it at work and from the cold (and associated car troubles). It is easier to tuck myself into bed and watch some Netflix rather than decide on a book. I try not to overload the blog with lists but I’ve discovered and rediscovered some new shows on Netflix and I figured I would share! I always appreciate suggestions, so I’m turning it around today.  Continue reading

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life- Spoilers Ahead!

BE WARNED: SPOILERS COMING UP. Now that I have watched it twice through, and am making my way through a third, I feel like I can start writing my thoughts down. We have all waited the better part of a decade for another date with our girls, and we finally got that in the form of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Four, ninety minute episodes, from Winter all the way through to Fall.  I’ve been waiting over a year for this, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I used a vacation day for it! This is going to be somewhat organised, but also a stream of consciousness. Much like the Gilmore Girls themselves… Continue reading



IT IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT IT IS NOT A DRILL. Gilmore Girls will be back in our hearts and homes on Friday, 25 November, 2016, and the world will be a better place for it. It is the one show that I watched on tv from start to finish, from the pilot to the last episode of season seven, and have rewatched the entire series over 20 times now. Some might call it an obsession, I call it a safe and comfortable place for me to always come home to. Although there are only going to be four new episodes, they will all be 90 minutes long. Here is your very own Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life guide to prepare for the big day! Continue reading

The Crown is Finally Here-Planning Your Binge

I fully believe that if you are going to do a Netflix binge session of a new show, you need to make the day worthy of it. In the last year or so, there have been some fairly big shows to come out of Netflix, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. While I am more excited than any human should be for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, so much so that I booked the day off of work and already have a post in draft form, I was just as excited for The Crown! I understand why there aren’t a ton of shows or films about the current, living Royal Family, but until The Crown, there weren’t a ton to choose from (The Queen, The King’s Speech, and Diana, though I don’t recommend watching that one…). A full year of waiting, as soon as I was home from work on Friday, Netflix was KING! (See what I did there?)

The Crown_ Planning Your Binge

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What I’ve Been Watching

Although I read like a crazy person, I do watch some television as well. Well, is it called tv if you watch it on Netflix? I have some standard shows that I can watch whenever, wherever- Gilmore GirlsParks and RecreationDestination Truth. But there are some that I have been watching as of late! Continue reading

The Royal Families of the World Are Well Represented

One of my favourite topics is the British Royal Family, and the other European Royal Families. One of my most popular posts is about the Duchess of Cambridge! I typically devour any biography, history, or fiction book I can get my hands on, as well as any TV show or movie. As such, I have watched most everything out there! This is going to be a handy rundown of the available shows and movies about the modern royals. Let’s start with TV, shall we? 
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Fuller House… Kinda Empty (No Spoilers)

If you live in North America, have Netflix, or interact on any form of social media, you probably know that Fuller Housewas released on Friday on Netflix. As any 80s/90s kid will remember, it was an after-school constant; it was familiar and comfortable and overall enjoyable. I was not as excited as some people, but I figured that Fuller House would be a nice nostalgia trip! Continue reading