3 Ways to Break a Reading Slump

I think that I can speak for a lot of readers when I say that when we love reading, we love reading. We can get lost for hours, taking in page after page and forgetting that the rest of the world is there. This is wonderful until you suddenly reach a point where you just don’t feel like reading. And then it feels weird. Sometimes it’s due to stress, sometimes a new routine, sometimes simply a run of uninteresting books. In any case, although it might take a while, you can break your reading slump and get back to your lovely reading routine! These are my tried and true tips to find yourself lost in a book again…

3 Ways to Break a Reading Slump

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Why You Should Get Involved With Your Community

I think that there are certain times in your life when it is easier to get involved in your community than others; when you are a student, there are countless student groups offering you free food and goodies to join, and when you are a parent, by the nature of most activities you have a quasi-group of parents who have to attend and volunteer at the same things that you do. However, many of us don’t fall into either of those groups, and I think that that is the best time to get involved and make a difference! And yes, it benefits your community, but it also benefits you…

The Benefits of Volunteering

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How Your Life Changes With a Dog

Agnes’ Hoomom is here, to chat today about how your life changes when you get a dog. Unless you always have dogs in your family, life does tend to change when you get a dog (more so than with most other pets). I firmly believe that pets are just as important as any other member of the family, and can make as big or a bigger difference in our life as any person. I’m highlighting the biggest ways that your life can change with a dog and what to expect!

How Your Life ChangesWith a Dog

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2,000 Follower Q&A

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to do a Q&A post after all of these years, to celebrate 2,000 followers on WordPress! From now (Tuesday, May 22) until Sunday (May 27), you can submit whatever questions you want to ask me! You can submit them:

1) Here in the comments
2) Through my Contact Me page
3) On my Facebook page
4) Through my Instagram page
5) Emailing me at anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com
6) Anonymously through this Google form!

A huge massive thank you to everyone who is following me along on this meandering journey, for making this such a wonderful space for me and community for everyone!

2,000 Follower Q&A

Until tomorrow,
The Historian
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Are Social Media Themes Necessary?

For anyone who is any tiny bit of serious about their social media, be it for a blog, for work, for interest’s sake, you will have undoubtedly heard about having a theme for your social media. Does every single one of your Instagram pictures feature the same filter, with the same colours, with the same subject? Well, you don’t have a theme, and if you want to be any sort of successful, you need a theme. Do all of your pins have one of three to four layouts within a specific image size, with a set number of keywords in your description? You don’t have a theme, either. Good luck getting any traffic… or so that is what we are told.

Are Social MediaThemes Necessary_

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What to Watch For in the Royal Wedding

This Saturday, the world will watch as Prince Henry of Wales marries Ms. Megan Markle in the biggest royal event in the past few years! (I refuse to say it is the wedding of the century, because that happened on 29 April 2011…) As usual, I will be waking up before dawn to watch the entire proceedings from start to finish, and I’m pretty excited to see a royal wedding take place at Windsor Castle. If you are new to the whole royal watching event deal, there are a few things to certainly watch out for throughout the wedding…

What to Watch forat the Royal Wedding

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The 3 Most Interesting Style Podcasts, Style File Friday

Although podcasts have really hit their second stride in the last 2-3 years, there are a few subject areas that are really lacking in podcasts, style being one of them. I have spent hours searching for style podcasts, and there are surprisingly few of them available. However, these three are my absolute favourites right now, as they are fun, fascinating, and best of all, fashionable. All three feature two or more hosts, lending a conversational and friendly tone to the episodes, every host is well-informed but also ready to learn, and between the three of them, pretty much every fashion and style related topic imaginable is covered! So grab your phone and earbuds, and get ready to listen…

Most InterestingStyle Podcasts

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