4 TV Comedy Recommendations

As per my recent poll, at least some of my lovely readers are interested in my favourite Netflix/TV show recommendations! Although I am a voracious reader, relaxing with a good tv show can always be a nice alternative (I’m especially partial to a good comedy). These are some of my favourite shows to dig into after a long day, and have all held up to three and four viewings. While I know that everyone likes something different, these recommendations are for comedies! (More recs to come later in other genres.) So, if you’ve have a long day or really just want to laugh, here is the post for you!

4 TV Comedy Recommendations

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Gossip Girl- Get to Know Me, Part I

I’ve decided that for the rest of 2017, I’m going to try and share more of my own history. Favourites, memories, maybe even pictures from way back when! I think that as bloggers we tend to gravitate towards certain topics, leading to a slightly one and a half dimensional image. So, every few weeks I will share something that’s been with me for a while!… Everyone has those tv shows that come into their life at the perfect time, and stick with them. I hope that this doesn’t die out with the whole Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ streaming thing because I think that watching shows week by week cements it in your being. While I’ve talked about how much I love Gilmore Girls, there are a handful of other shows that I still love to watch and every few years I pull out the ol’ DVD’s and have a watch through! And this year, the watch through is Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

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Murder is Everywhere- Podcasts and TV!

To continue with the theme of true crime and murder from my post yesterday, I am sharing three podcasts and two television shows featuring murder. Although it may not be for the faint of heart, I don’t believe that there are any particularly gruesome or off-putting details in these. These posts may not indicate it, but I’m not one for grisly information; I’ve been known to pass out from medical shows on television, let alone an in-depth discussion of a brutal murder. If you share the same apprehensions, you should be okay!

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Time to Give Fall Television a Shot Again

I have started to realise again that television does exist. I’m fairly entrenched in my reading, and I like that I can take my books or kobo anywhere- not always the case with television shows. Still, there are a few shows that I think I’m going to be watching this fall!  Continue reading

Why don’t the shows I love get brought back?

TV shows are cancelled all of the time. I feel like most people heard that the Mindy Project was recently cancelled- thankfully, the age of Netflix and Hulu have offered another option for mainstream television shows. (Also see: Community. But that’s a little different because the writing went slightly whackadoo.) Shows from back in the day had no such luck, though. And by back in the day, I mean the late 2000s.

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The HILARIOUS Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (No spoilers)

So, on Wednesday morning when I put on Netflix while I was getting ready, there was a notice at the top of the screen for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I didn’t pay too close attention at first, I just saw that it was brightly coloured and figured it was for a kids show. Once I took a closer look, I realised it was Ellie Kemper. And then I was immediately sucked in. She was a great addition to The Office, and although the show introduced some weird and unnecessary characters, she fit well in the group! I didn’t love her on The Mindy Project, but then again, I thought the Josh character was useless.

She is a funny actress, and can play earnest characters well while still maintaining a darker side- something that isn’t often done successfully. I will be immensely sad if we don’t see a bio from her in the next 3-5 years. (Ellie, if for some reason you are reading this, PLEASE WRITE YOUR MEMOIRS. I want to hear about your time at Princeton. And all the other time.) A show starring Ellie? I knew I had to see it. Especially given that Tina Fey is an executive producer.

I will admit, I watched all thirteen episodes from Friday to this afternoon. The theme song is offbeat but actually fairly perfect for the show. The intro was pretty solid- if you have seen Big Love, it’s the comedic version of the compound, essentially. I found Tituss and Lillian to be overly loud and in-your-face at first, but I think I grew to love them, or at least like them. Jane Krakowski does a fantastic job as a step-/mom, just as neurotic, insane, and insecure as 30 Rock. Tina Fey actually makes an appearance in the last few episodes, and is also as entertaining as ever. Tina, you can be my terrible, 80s lawyer any time you are free and I happen to need a lawyer for something.

And finally, Ellie Kemper. Ellie has a fantastic unbreakable energy (you see what I did there?), and her unflagging smiles and positivity make you root for Kimmy from start to finish. I also enjoy when she snaps- nothing like a crazy, screaming Ellie Kemper to make you spit out your ginger ale. Hopefully this isn’t a spoiler because it is out of the show description, but Kimmy lived underground for 15 years and so has missed 15 years of everything, including pop culture. Ellie plays off her cluelessness incredibly well. I never found myself irritated with her confusion and lack of keeping-up-ness.

Because I don’t want to put any spoilers in my post, I won’t go into more details. What’s the take away? Head to Netflix and check out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!