History in the Making

History in the Making

Murder is Everywhere- Podcasts and TV!

To continue with the theme of true crime and murder from my post yesterday, I am sharing three podcasts and two television shows featuring murder. Although it may not be for the faint of heart, I don’t believe that there are any particularly gruesome or off-putting details in these. These posts may not indicate it, but I’m not one for grisly information; I’ve been known to pass out from medical shows on television, let alone an in-depth discussion of a brutal murder. If you share the same apprehensions, you should be okay!
I know that Halloween is really the time for supernatural and ghost type things, but that has never appealed to me. Yes, they can be frightening and scary but can also be entirely imaginary. I think I find true crime interesting because there is a resolution (in most that I read/watch), and that there are humans who do work to honour those who are killed. Anyways, I won’t bore you with philosophy and feelings, onto the recommendations! 
Generation Why Podcast
Generation Why Podcast
I’ve just started listening to this podcast on the recommendation of a friend, each episode looks at a different murder, mystery, or conspiracy. I will update later with a more in depth review, but what I’ve listened to has been very interesting! It is conversational and easy to follow, and covers a lot of ground. They are also a good length, typically 60-90 minutes. **I cannot speak to how violent Generation Why is, I’ve only listened to one episode thus far.**
Real Crime Profile Podcast
Real Crime Profile Podcast 
This is probably one of the best true crime podcasts out there: Jim Clemente, a former NYC prosecutor and FBI profiler, and Laura Richards, former behavioural anlysis for New Scotland Yard, are two thirds of the team, and could not offer a more interesting, nuanced, and educated view. Thus far, they have covered Making a Murderer, the OJ Simpson Trial/American Crime Story, the Reeva Steenkamp murder, and now the Jonbenet Rmasey case. Jim and Laura are both part of the Jonbenet investigation that recently aired on CBS, and for the two television episodes there are so far five podcast episodes, and still more to come. I have learned a lot about the psychology of crime from this podcast, and a lot about police procedures and US law. The only detractor for this podcast is the third host, who is a casting director for Criminal Minds. She argues with Jim and Laura, and makes fairly ridiculous comments that really take you out it. Still, this is one of the best podcasts out there!
My Favorite Murders Podcast
My Favorite Murder Podcast
I stumbled across this podcast in the summer, I think from Reddit. Karin and Georgia each discuss a different murder each week, some episodes have themes and some don’t. It’s very conversational, and they say the things that we all would say- while it is interesting to hear professionals speak, sometimes it is nice to know that the common thought is “Holy crap”. Their research is from Wikipedia and Murderpedia (I haven’t visited it, but it seems to have a lot of info), so they start each episode with correction corner. I personally enjoyed when they said a bus went from Manitoba (a province) to Brandon (a city that is in Manitoba), and that they received countless tweets from Manitobans correcting them. They have huge hearts and give voices to victims! The only note that I have is that they led very different lives from me as a child and talk of being in rehab at 13 and taking meth….
Murder Maps TV
Murder Maps
I discovered this in my Netflix recommendations- a documentary series that looks at different notorious criminals in London?? Of course I had to give it a try. The first series of four episodes looks at killers prior to WWI, and the second series of five episodes after WWI. The narrator/host has some serious gravitas, and the re-enactments aren’t camp or over the top. They show the crime, the police investigation, and bits of the trial throughout the episode, with the right amount of speculation and inference. I also enjoy the different historians that are interviewed throughout, it only adds to the case and information! I would definitely sign up for Netflix for this.
And Then There Were None BBC Production
And Then There Were None, BBC
Before anyone gets indignant, I am well aware that And Then There Were None is not true crime, but Agatha Christie is the Queen of Mystery and this is the gospel for mystery and murder fiction! If you haven’t already read the novel version, I recommend that you stop what you are doing and go and read it now. I will wait… This 2015 BBC version is fairly star-studded, and the dramatic scenery only adds to the presentation. What I love about this version in particular is that it is underplayed; the nursery rhymes aren’t thrown in your face, and the clues don’t stick out in any way. The mystery is preserved until the very end. Three hours in total, this is well worth an afternoon or an evening!
What is your favourite true crime or mystery television show or podcast?
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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